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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we've renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium home renovator in the Alphen Area. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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As a homeowner in Alphen, we're pretty sure you're quite proud of the place you call home but we all have our moments were a little extra work could be done. You may either feel the need to upgrade your home for personal use or to add value to your investment for future resale. We realise many homeowners see renovations as a painful innocence with time and cost involved and this can often put a pause on home alternations.

Home upgrades can be a stressful time for residents and even neighbours so getting the job done quickly and of high quality is important. To minimize the inconvenience is to find the most suitable team of builders or contractors, who are experienced in handling your specific home renovation requests in Alphen.

Home Décor Interiors is a dynamic Cape Town-based renovation company, in existence since 1994, specializing in kitchen bathroom bedroom renovations; we also cater for built-in cupboards, bars and building alterations.

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Kitchen renovation in Alphen

Cooking is not only a way to feed yourself and your family, but it has a social aspect that brings people together. It’s no surprise kitchens are a focal point for many homes and should be given the best treatment when designing or renovating a home. Give your kitchen a second lease on life with a brand new look and equipment.

We will work with you to design a stunning kitchen using materials to get you the ideal look you’re going for and matching your needs with your budget.

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen in Alphen? Then speak to the specialists in home kitchen renovations.


Bedroom Renovation In Alphen

A bedroom is probably one of the essential rooms in your home, its where you come to find peace at the end of the day. It’s the place you spend at least 8 hours of your day resting. Having a bedroom that inspires relaxation and shows off your unique style and preferences are all the more important as we spend so much time in this part of the house. It makes sense that one would want their bedroom to reflect their personality and taste and be a room you would want to spend more time in every day.

If your bedroom feels old or dated and you feel it’s time for a change, then let us help you renovate your bedroom and turn it into not only a place to dream but a place straight from a dream.

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom in Alphen? Then speak to the specialists in home bedroom renovations.


Bathroom renovation in Alphen

Bathrooms are an extremely personal space not only because we spend time in them grooming but because it’s also a place to relax and enjoy time after a long hard day. Having a stunning bathroom that you’ve always wanted goes a long way to encouraging you to spend time in them and enjoy your time in this part of the home.

We offer our clients bathrooms with a unique, high-end look with our professional renovation service. We are here to for you every step of the way from the consultation phase right through to handing over your new bathroom with our full turn-key renovation solutions. We’ve been helping clients all over Cape town for years.

If you are looking to revamp your bathroom in Alphen? Then speak to the specialists in home bathroom renovations.

Build-in Cupboards in Alphen

As we go through life, we tend to accumulate more things from household needs to personal items. Our homes will need to accommodate all these needs, which is why personal storage solutions are such an important consideration when designing a room or home. Ideally what you’re looking for is build in-cupboards, cabinets or shelving that is strong and rigid but also complements the overall look of the house. Cupboards should not only be a practical use in the home but also be ascetically pleasing.

If you lack additional storage space, think your cupboards need a revamp as they are tired or inadequate for your storage needs or you feel a whole new look is required, and the cabinets won’t suit the change then it’s time you consider renovating with modern built-in cupboards.

If you are looking to add new built-in cupboards to your home in Alphen? Then speak to the specialists in home renovations.


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