A home renovation is by no means an easy decision, you need to take into consideration property size, restrictions from the previous work and layout, availability of supplies, cost of materials and the look you’re hoping to achieve. At HDI we’ve been through it all, from small home upgrades to full restorations. We assist our clients by taking them through the process of a home renovation, with one to one consultations, custom designs and 3D modelling so you can get an visual idea of the end product.

Once all the admin is approved, we can go to work, turning your fixer-upper into your dream home with materials from the best local and international suppliers and backed by years of renovation experience.

If you would like to know more about us and our services, then feel free to look around. Explore the Home Decor Interiors site easily with quick links to our services, find out about areas we work in and projects we’ve completed as well as the latest in renovation and decor news.

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