Why Built-in Cupboards Are a Must in Your New Home

If you’ve grown tired of your current bedrooms look and feel, or you’ve moved into a new place and the decor just doesn’t seem to appeal to you, especially in a room as private as your bedroom then my friend I’ve got news for you. Those feelings are the exact feelings everyone has right before they opt for a bedroom renovation.

One of the key elements to a sound bedroom renovation is of-course the built-in cupboards and do they suit your look and personal storage needs. However,  most people don’t give these functional elements to a room much thought.

It’s just a place to hang my clothes out of site right? So what is all the fuss about? Why are built-in cupboards so important?

1. Because sometimes adults want secret lairs, too.

Not only can built-in cupboards provide a gateway to an entire realm of storage possibilities, they can also be the gateway entrance to an entirely new room! Think cupboards that so effortlessly blend with the rest of your built-in cupboard space. Now, picture these doubling-up as doors to your bathroom or walk-in closet! How’s that for a twist on a bedroom renovation?

Built-in cupboards like this are basically everything Narnia, but for adults. Although, make no mistake, kids enjoy these secret lairs just as much as we do! Can’t picture it? Check out this bedroom renovation we worked on in Newlands.

2. Built-in cupboards look good in your home and even better on your list of investments.

Firstly, built-in cupboards, especially custom-designed ones, age extremely well.

This means when you decide to build your own cupboards, you are actually building onto the house value as well. They are an addition which stays with the house itself, unlike regular freestanding cupboards which come and go.

Secondly, they’ll remain on trend forever.

Built-in cupboards can be customised to suit the exact look and feel of your newly renovated home. Not only are they the most modern choice, but they are also modest in that they don’t hog all of the attention. Instead, they create room, quite literally, to focus on and play with the rest of your space!

3. Less time spent cleaning, more time spent enjoying.

With built-in cupboards there’s no need to hassle your friendly neighbour from next-door, to help you drag your heavy cabinet out of the way. Built-in cupboards fit perfectly into the wall space, so there’s no need to have to heave your way through cleaning the dust beneath them. In fact, they require minimal cleaning, if any.

Are you using your bedrooms space correctly?

4. Lighten-up, Buttercup.

Another dull moment which can arise with free-standing cupboards, is a general loss of lighting. Oftentimes, they end up blocking light from windows if situated in the wrong place. Built-in cupboards fit effortlessly alongside existing wall space. This not only means no blocking of natural light, but it can also provide space for additional built-in light fixtures.

Looking for alternative light sources other than the usual light fixtures? Why not add a mirror against your built-in cupboards. This will add both light and space to your new bedroom!

5. Speaking of blocked windows…

Sometimes the space we are working with is less than ideal. Luckily, built-in cupboards tend to add to our space rather than to take from them. A great example of this would be using them to create both seating/bed platforms, as well as for storage.

One way would be to build bench-like storage.

Instead of using a cupboard cabinet which not only takes up vital space, but also blocks windows, why not build around those windows? This way not only can you save space, but you can enjoy a cup of tea on top of that storage, too!

Another way to maximize your space would be to create built-in storage, which doubles up as your mattress base. This makes for a great place to keep all your bulky winter bedding!

Whether it’s cleaning less, seeking out a daily adventure to Narnia, or merely finding more space to relax with your cup of tea, built-in cupboards are much more than just cupboards. They’re an exciting opportunity to make the most of your space in your new home.

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