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smart bedroom designs

What Is A Smart Bedroom?

A bedroom is a place we go to rest, to find comfort and solace from the workday and to find peace. A place where luxury and comforts are welcome, which is why technology is starting to play a larger role in the design and creation of modern bedrooms. As with anything that applies technology to a traditional concept, bedrooms with new gadgets have been dubbed the smart bedroom.

But what exactly is a smart bedroom and why would you want one?

A well-designed bedroom is important!

The ideal bedroom is not only a place of rest and relaxation, but it has to be a sanctuary that allows you to foster a sense of wellness and absolute rejuvenation. A bedroom’s design can play a vital role in the quality of your sleep and can have a huge effect on your health in general. We’re all about optimizing homes, so let’s dive in and see what it takes to upgrade your bedroom into the future.

What is a smart bedroom?

As the name suggests, a smart bedroom is one that blends technology into your sleeping space. It can essentially be described as an automated setup that can include multiple devices, such as motorized blinds, smart speakers, smart thermostats and self-adapting lights. These are all connected to each other via an internet connection and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the house using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Currently, there are three main competitors in smart hubs available in South Africa, they are;

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Apple

What you will need to create your own smart bedroom:

Overall, having a smart bedroom is all about making your life easier and more comfortable, so we’re going to look at a variety of devices that you can incorporate into your bedroom.

1. Smart lighting

Smart lighting in your bedroom allows you to determine the atmosphere by setting scenes. For example, you can have the lights go on slowly as your alarm goes off. Conveniently, you can control the lighting remotely when you go to bed, without having to walk to the switch.

2. Smart nightlight

A smart nightlight is motion activated and will only go on when you’re up and about and not while you’re sleeping. Perfect for those middle of the night bathroom trips, You can say goodbye to bumping your toes or blinding yourself with light at night.

3. Smart thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you can ensure your bedroom has the right temperature on time, saving you money on electricity. And before you go to sleep, your smart heating can ensure that the room is comfortably warm on time.

4. Smart air purifier

Smart air purifiers provide your bedroom with good air quality. An air purifier in your bedroom regulates when the air is purified on its own. In addition, you can use the app to set times for this, yourself. This way, you’ll be sleeping in a bedroom with good air quality at night.

5. Smart connectors

A smart connector lets you turn a non-smart device into a smart device. This way, you can switch devices in your bedroom on or off remotely. For example, you can control your fan using your phone. 

6. Smart Blinds

Natural light is one of the best wake-up calls in the morning. With smart technology, you can hook up a motor to your blinds so that they will open when you want them to. You can set it to activate when it detects sunlight, or you can integrate it with your smart alarm clock to go off with the alarm.

7. Smart Pillow

A smart pillow provides you with a hands-on approach to tracking your sleep. It uses sensors to see how much you toss and turn throughout the night, and it can even be programmed to wake you up in place of an alarm, by gently vibrating until you get up.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many different ways to incorporate technology into your bedroom. Once you get the ball rolling, we’re sure that you’ll want to add more and more devices to make your life even easier. 

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creating a man cave

How You can Turn a Spare Bedroom into a Man Cave

Man caves are modern-day sanctuaries that allow boys and men of all ages to escape the harshness of everyday life. Typically filled with memorabilia, gaming equipment, and whatever your hobbies and interests may be.

A spare bedroom is a perfect area to turn into your man cave because it is often underutilized and sparsely furnished.

Here we’ll look at how you can turn a spare bedroom into a man cave:

1. Empty Canvas

Remove all traces that the room was at some other point used as a spare bedroom. Put the furniture in another room, store it, or even better, sell it to furnish your decorating endeavour. Empty the cupboards of anything unrelated to the room’s new purpose.

2. Get painting

Paint the walls in a light shade of blue, green or brown. Avoid darker hues, as these make the space seem smaller than it really is. Save the darker colours for skirtings, cornices or decorative items.

3. Functional furniture

Decorate the room with one large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, that anchors the space and provides a focal point. Bring in two to three smaller pieces, maybe a small side table for drinks and snacks. Avoid cluttering the room with several larger pieces of furniture, as these make the space feel smaller than it is. Choose multi-purpose furniture to cut down unnecessary items, for example, a coffee table with drawers.

4. Hang the TV

Do away with the television stand and hang the flat screen on a wall-mounted bracket. Hang a shelf under the television to store any components, electronic accessories, headsets and controllers.

5. Memorabilia

Place any memorabilia, action figures or other collectables on hanging shelves, instead of displaying the items in large cabinets. This allows you to free up floor space while showing off your collections. Avoid overloading the shelving with too much as it will make the space feel cluttered and overstuffed.

6. Light it Up

Place a floor lamp in the corner or allow the sun to shine through the windows. Avoid heavy, dark curtains and maybe opt for blinds or shutters. The extra light makes the room seem lighter and larger.

7. Reflection

Incorporate a mirror into the room. Hang a decorative bar mirror or choose a mirrored coffee table to reflect more light. This makes the space feel larger. A single mirror placed opposite a window reflects light throughout and adds a feeling of depth.

Final thoughts

The key to creating a man cave that is personal to you is to get creative and to include the things that are important and meaningful to you but that don’t take up too much space.

If you’re looking to create a man cave in your house, but still stumped on how to get started. Contact us and we will help realise your man cave dreams.

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French doors in bedroom

Why French Doors Are Perfect For The Master Bedroom

French doors are a stunning addition to any home, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. They have become quite popular over the last few years and the variation of designs and styles continue to grow. French doors, as you will see, are usually used to connect your bedroom to the outdoors, giving you the ability to open them up and let the fresh air flow in. 

In this article, we will look at why French Doors are perfect for your master bedroom. 

First up though, let’s find out;

What are French Doors?

French doors are typically hinged double doors that open outward, but sometimes they can also open inward. When they are open, they provide full access to the width of the opening they’re installed in.

Why French Doors are Perfect for the Master Bedroom?

1. Shine On Through

One of the major benefits of installing French doors in the master bedroom is the amount of light that is able to shine through them. For your master bedroom, choose French doors that consist mostly of glass, this will add light and create a welcoming warmth to your bedroom. 

2. Enhances Your Bedroom’s Design

Due to their distinct design, French doors can complement any bedroom style, creating an elegant yet homely look and feel.

3. Improves your Bedroom’s Functionality

Not all French doors lead to an outdoor area, these doors also work well to create a space between the bedroom and maybe a home office or adjoining room. Creating an overall open flow of your room.

Another wonderful idea is to have French doors installed leading into your bathroom. Frosted glass French doors maintain privacy while allowing light from the bathroom to spill into the rest of your master bedroom.

4. Illusions

French doors can easily make a small bedroom seem much larger. The glass French doors tend to create the illusion of more space in a room, which is ideal for small bedrooms. 

5. Living Inside Out

French doors leading to an outdoor patio or balcony area creates such a beautiful continuation of the whole space. Bathed in natural light, this allows you easy access to the outdoors. Especially for gorgeous mornings where you can enjoy your first cup of coffee watching the sunrise!

6. Add Value

Master bedroom upgrades have proven to bring a substantial return on investment in terms of home renovations. As such, installing French doors in your bedroom will certainly raise the value of your home. 

So there you have it! No matter what type or style of French door you choose, you can be assured that you will be adding character and style to your master bedroom. A home renovation such as this can be an exciting, yet daunting prospect. So get in touch with us today and let us help your vision become a reality. 

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience, and during that time, we’ve renovated hundreds of homes; we pride ourselves on being a premium home renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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A sea side nordic bedroom look

Bring the Beach Home with a Sea-Side Inspired Bedroom

Gone are the days of jumping through hoops and chasing sheep in the hopes of also catching some decent sleep. Instead, we’re heading out of the fields, and onto the sandy shores of beach-inspired design. It’s time to hop on board and ride the wave into the new year, opting for a relaxing seaside home renovation.

Ready? Set sail!

It can be easy to want to set sail into different directions when your compass is not set on a specific end-goal. First, hone in and anchor your design before you start implementing any serious structural work. Beach-inspired homes are popular amongst ocean-lovers, so it can be easy to become tangled between too many ideas.

Gather your resources.

Time to act out that favourite movie of yours. Yes – the one where the hero is suffocating by his surroundings and, in the end, lands up making some pretty nifty stuff to survive. A tired-looking bedroom can feel like this, too. But, just keep swimming! Time to gather your resources, literally. You’ll start seeing results in no time.

Function vs. Decoration:

Collect wooden-planks, rope, shells, bottles, and anything from the ocean which brings you joy. However, stay afloat by avoiding clutter! Choose only that which serves a functional purpose, with the odd exception used as decoration. For example, a thick, brown rope is great for “panelling” mirrors and walls. Rounded mirrors work well to encompass that “ship-inspired” feel, whereas rectangular shapes work well for walls.

Furthermore, bottles can serve as both functional and visually pleasing pieces. You can use them as candle or plant holders, fill them with shells or beach sand, or even clear fairy lights to add an extra grain of magic. Use driftwood to inspire your headboard. If you can’t find driftwood, use a ”white-wash” paint effect to create the appropriate level of rustic “ship-wrecked” or classic look and feel.

Set-up, step-up.

Wooden stairs built around beds are a great way to experience that covered “cabin” feel. Not only this, but you can use them to create “decks” above beds for additional storage or seating or even sleeping space.

Furthermore, you can use thick sailor rope to suspend your bed from the ceiling. Not only will this make you physically feel the sway of the ocean, but also gives the visual impression it’s floating. In addition to your bed, hammocks are also a great way to paint that relaxed, ocean experience.


When it comes to colour-combos in ocean-inspired bedrooms, it’s no secret that shades of blue, brown and white complement each other well. Opt for large windows to allow for blue skies and light, with wooden panelling where possible. As mentioned, you can white-wash wood for a more modern feel, and leave them natural for more of an aged approach. When it comes to decor, add touches of coral reds and burnt orange in the room to bring in the ocean floor.


Old-school, industrial or copper lighting will help to further create that “beachy” vibe. For less direct lighting, opt for thin wooden shutters. This will give off an impression of palm-trees and add natural shade. If curtains are more your thing, choose airy, white fabrics. White or white-washed wooden flooring will further add light to your beach-inspired bedroom.

Whatever you do, don’t jump ship.

We’ve come a long way on our journey in the design world, and yet the general feeling towards beach-inspired bedrooms remains the same – they’re relaxing, inspiring and timeless. So, what are you waiting for? All aboard!

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Desk with 4 framed drawings above it

Bedroom Makeover Ideas For Kids

Revamping kids bedrooms are a tricky task. You need to encompass versatility, use the space you have creatively and allow them the chance to express themselves at the same time.

Try to remember that you want a makeover that not only fits in with the rest of the house but reflects your kid’s identity, which is constantly developing.

Keep it simple, stupid.

You want simple furniture that is timeless and isn’t going to need to change over the years. A racing car bed is great for a seven-year-old, but not when they’re 13. Favour daybeds which double-up as seating in smaller rooms. This will add versatility and create more space for playtime.

When looking at colour, opt for varnished wood. This creates a ‘quick to clean’ safety net for all future spills and the wear and tear of a well played-out childhood in general. Natural wooden colours also make for a suitable colour-scheme for kids of all ages.

Design spaces by age.

While furniture styles are important, how you arrange the furniture is equally as critical. Spaces to store clothes, move, play and entertain must be designed with your child in mind. Toddlers need more floor space to play in, whilst teens prefer more seating for when their friends are visiting.

Allow your kid’s bedroom space to grow with them. Moreover, height also plays an important role when designing any new room.

Don’t neglect the fact that if you have small kids, their rooms must be refurbished with everything at their height.

Colour schemes.

I know we mentioned the timeless beauty of wood, but if you do want to be a little more vibrant, let’s talk colour. Colour is one of the easiest ways to refurbish your kid’s room over the years.

They can have their say in it and choose the colours they want at certain ages. Not a fan of bright colours? Create a wall of art for both you and the kids to express yourselves using chalk paint.

Quick design tip:

If your walls have trims, such as curtain rails and skirting boards, paint them white throughout the house. Then when room colours change, the flow will be less disruptive. In fact, you could probably settle on a colour that compliments the rest of the house if you plan it well.

More of the growing, less of the pains.

Kids go through many changes and therefore, your kid’s bedroom renovations are likely to be plentiful too. Getting the basics right and creating a bedroom that’s dynamic means that your children will have the freedom to grow in whichever direction they choose. And, while they do, you will still be able to maintain some design order in your house as a whole. Furthermore, you can make things fun by turning new projects into extra bonding time.

Quick design tip:

Instead of creating boulders in your walls with Prestick, rather frame something that expresses what they’re interested in and hang it up. Instead of tacky, half-torn posters ruining the paint-job, kids can express themselves with something that not only looks better, but can also be replaced when the time is right without ruining the walls.

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Single bedroom with white built in cupboards

Why Built-in Cupboards Are a Must in Your New Home

If you’ve grown tired of your current bedrooms look and feel, or you’ve moved into a new place and the decor just doesn’t seem to appeal to you, especially in a room as private as your bedroom then my friend I’ve got news for you. Those feelings are the exact feelings everyone has right before they opt for a bedroom renovation.

One of the key elements to a sound bedroom renovation is of-course the built-in cupboards and do they suit your look and personal storage needs. However,  most people don’t give these functional elements to a room much thought.

It’s just a place to hang my clothes out of site right? So what is all the fuss about? Why are built-in cupboards so important?

1. Because sometimes adults want secret lairs, too.

Not only can built-in cupboards provide a gateway to an entire realm of storage possibilities, they can also be the gateway entrance to an entirely new room! Think cupboards that so effortlessly blend with the rest of your built-in cupboard space. Now, picture these doubling-up as doors to your bathroom or walk-in closet! How’s that for a twist on a bedroom renovation?

Built-in cupboards like this are basically everything Narnia, but for adults. Although, make no mistake, kids enjoy these secret lairs just as much as we do! Can’t picture it? Check out this bedroom renovation we worked on in Newlands.

2. Built-in cupboards look good in your home and even better on your list of investments.

Firstly, built-in cupboards, especially custom-designed ones, age extremely well.

This means when you decide to build your own cupboards, you are actually building onto the house value as well. They are an addition which stays with the house itself, unlike regular freestanding cupboards which come and go.

Secondly, they’ll remain on trend forever.

Built-in cupboards can be customised to suit the exact look and feel of your newly renovated home. Not only are they the most modern choice, but they are also modest in that they don’t hog all of the attention. Instead, they create room, quite literally, to focus on and play with the rest of your space!

3. Less time spent cleaning, more time spent enjoying.

With built-in cupboards there’s no need to hassle your friendly neighbour from next-door, to help you drag your heavy cabinet out of the way. Built-in cupboards fit perfectly into the wall space, so there’s no need to have to heave your way through cleaning the dust beneath them. In fact, they require minimal cleaning, if any.

Are you using your bedrooms space correctly?

4. Lighten-up, Buttercup.

Another dull moment which can arise with free-standing cupboards, is a general loss of lighting. Oftentimes, they end up blocking light from windows if situated in the wrong place. Built-in cupboards fit effortlessly alongside existing wall space. This not only means no blocking of natural light, but it can also provide space for additional built-in light fixtures.

Looking for alternative light sources other than the usual light fixtures? Why not add a mirror against your built-in cupboards. This will add both light and space to your new bedroom!

5. Speaking of blocked windows…

Sometimes the space we are working with is less than ideal. Luckily, built-in cupboards tend to add to our space rather than to take from them. A great example of this would be using them to create both seating/bed platforms, as well as for storage.

One way would be to build bench-like storage.

Instead of using a cupboard cabinet which not only takes up vital space, but also blocks windows, why not build around those windows? This way not only can you save space, but you can enjoy a cup of tea on top of that storage, too!

Another way to maximize your space would be to create built-in storage, which doubles up as your mattress base. This makes for a great place to keep all your bulky winter bedding!

Whether it’s cleaning less, seeking out a daily adventure to Narnia, or merely finding more space to relax with your cup of tea, built-in cupboards are much more than just cupboards. They’re an exciting opportunity to make the most of your space in your new home.

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Chad Le Clos Lounge and Kitchen On Top Billing

HDI featured on Top Billing for Renovating Chad Le Clos’ New Home

HDI is proud to announce that we recently renovated the home of Olympian Chad Le Clos. The team was really excited about the project, and all they wanted was to put a smile on the face of the South African swimming sensation, but they got more than they bargained for – the home was to be featured on SABC 3’s Top Billing.

The episode featuring Chad’s new pad was presented by Jeannie D and was aired on 1st June 2017. Jeffrey, who leads the HDI team and Patrice, who heads up the Interior Design were both featured on the show, where they had the chance to share their vision for the assignment and discuss what it was like to work for Chad.

It’s an honour and a special responsibility to work with someone like Chad and while our team was able to express their creativity, we were also constantly aware of the importance of the task and the pressure to deliver on time. Our team executed the whole project including stripping, building, tiling, and plumbing with all the joinery, electrical wiring, and décor.

Chad’s apartment had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the entire apartment spreading to 130m2 in area.

How we renovated Chad Le Clos apartment

Our team decided to split into micro teams, each responsible for one particular job. This helped us execute the entire work in a fast and organised manner. With this sort of planning, we were able to complete the project in around 8 to 10 weeks.

Chad was in Europe while we were completing the renovation and we wanted his pad to be ready when he came home.

We decided to use Flor store marble tiles for the bathroom floor. These gave a spacious and sleek look to the bathroom along with providing a fresh feel.

The frameless glass shower in the bathroom is a stunner and really completes the look. For the bedrooms, and all through the apartment, we decided to use honey oak wood laminate for the flooring. The honey oak wood floors are classy and look stunning, but are also durable and sturdy.

Our search for doors that could stand out took us to Superior Doors – and we decided to go with high gloss for Chad’s apartment.

We got some stunning handles from Raiel for the cherry on top. In the kitchen, Patrice wanted to put in some elegant countertops Caesarstone was used to make them, and the result is breathtakingly beautiful.

Rich Scandinavia and Dusted Moss 3 from Dulux were used on the walls. For Chad’s bedroom, Steel Symphony from Dulux was used on the feature wall to bring out the beauty of the paint technique.

Patrice stuck to Scandinavian/Nordic style for the décor.

  • All the vanity and accessories were from Tiletoria.
  • The furniture used in the apartment is from Esque, Weylandts, Superbalist, Country Road and @Home.
  • Pendants have been used in the kitchen and bedroom. The pendants used in the kitchen are from Tom Dixon and the pendants in the bedroom are from Hoy P’loy.
  • The LED rope lights concealed in the bulkhead design of the lounge is stellar.

We had a great time doing up Chad’s home, and his reaction when he saw the completed apartment was priceless. – said, Patrice 

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