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The Process – What does getting a New Kitchen entail?

Ever thought about upgrading your kitchen, but then stopped yourself mid-thought because you weren’t quite sure where to start? Many of our clients say that when they decided to upgrade, they had to educate themselves on the process of a kitchen renovation.

This can often be misleading because the client gets second-hand information from differing sources. Upgrading your kitchen is a process but it doesn’t have to be draining, time-consuming and cause your family inconvenience.

A kitchen renovation procedure

The procedure can be carefully managed. This is why HDI follows a process that has maintained our reputation as sound planners, and the Western Cape’s premium kitchen installers. Below is a bit more about our process:

When a prospective client makes contact, we visit them to discuss their needs and they are offered an initial quote and a design. When they accept this plan, they visit the showrooms with HDI and we assist them in choosing the materials they would like to use and make recommendations based on their budget, what they want, and what we have laid out in the plan.

The client finalises the decisions on design, layout and material and the quote is adjusted if necessary.

We order the carcasses and doors and have them assembled at our warehouse where they will eventually be delivered to the site once the prep work is ready. Our experience in the business allows us to make the time and space spent in your kitchen minimal and non-intrusive.

Next is the wetwork – the plumbing, electrical hardware and plaster that will provide the framework for your new kitchen is installed. Your new kitchen now begins to take shape.

The final pieces of the plan have come together, everything is on site and ready to be implemented – now it’s time to begin installing the kitchen cupboards. The site has been stripped and we have planned the layout of the new plumbing and electrics beneath the surface.

We fit the manufactured kitchen carcasses on site and assemble all the necessary remaining parts, which get fitted and adjusted on site. This is where the doors, countertops, taps, and other accessories that will eventually form your kitchen are put together.

The kitchen renovation look and feel

The next phase is called ‘making good’. It’s a simple name we use, but HDI takes great pride in this step as it’s crucial to the layers of the process that follow it. The plaster and skimming work is perfected and ready for painting while ensuring that all inner workings implemented in the previous step are in good shape.

Now all visible parts are fitted. Sinks, basins, taps, joinery and the works. After these steps are completed the cupboard doors are adjusted and aligned perfectly. The kitchen has taken its shape and will begin to resemble the final product.

The final steps of the kitchen renovation

Onto the final steps – tiling or glass backsplashing between your countertop and wall unit are installed to complete the look of your kitchen.

These occur in the following order: painting, flooring, sealing, filling and touching up. Ultimately your kitchen will be revered and remembered by your guests for how well this part of the job is carried out.

This is the final stage and it’s how our clients will judge our work. This is why HDI always ensures that our customers are 100% happy – that gives us the most satisfaction, and we consider it the final step of the process.

All of the above is fully project managed from start to finish by us.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we’ve renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium kitchen renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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The Do’s and Don’ts: Hiring the Best Kitchen Installer Cape Town Has to Offer You

With all this DIY information at our fingertips these days, it can be hard to convince yourself to do otherwise. Especially when handing your pride and joy, over to someone who you don’t even know. However daunting it may seem, some things are best left to the professionals. So how do you spot one? Here are some tips to look out for when choosing the best kitchen installer Cape Town has to offer you;

They should know how to read a floor-plan.

Chances are if someone cannot read a floor-plan, they do not fully understand what they are doing either. Floor-plans are critical for capturing and obtaining the correct measurements. This is the foundation of any build or renovation project. Make sure they help you understand the drawing as well, to avoid any disappointment.

Get your measurements wrong, and all the rest will follow.

As a famous saying in the industry goes, “measure twice cut once.”

If you are dealing with a professional, not only will they get it right the first time, but you might spend less money, too. DIY’s can be fun, but the risk of a do-over is always going to be 10 times more. Ask your installer to supply references so you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Speaking of money, a professional will know how to keep your budget on track.

Just because you are hiring someone else to do the job instead of burying yourself knee-deep in Google searches, does not mean it has to be expensive. A professional will be able to give you insight into various options to keep your budget on-track. This kind of industry knowledge only comes from experience, something you will be able to pick up on quickly if they provide zero flexibility. So, make sure to get more than one quote before you settle, all in writing.

Not Your Average Joe:

Another way to find the best kitchen installer Cape Town has to offer you is by making sure they have knowledge in more than just one aspect. Whoever is installing your new kitchen, also needs to have extensive insight into the most important aspects of any functional kitchen; plumbing, electronics, gas and storage. If it’s a big job, rather leave electrics and gas to the specialists.

Of course, there are many more tips, but much like anything well-built, we hope these serve as a solid foundation to help you find your way around your new kitchen.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we’ve renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium kitchen renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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Kitchen Renovation Saga: A Dramatic Dining Space

The days when kitchens were dark spaces to be kept hidden behind the doors are long gone. Today, a kitchen can be anything but a boring space to be kept a secret. From hosting parties to cosy family dinners, modern kitchens perform various roles, and to perfection.

One of the latest trends that are catching up these days is blending the dining area with the kitchen area. A kitchen can be renovated to double up as a dining space. All you have to do is keep some tips in mind. These will help you in creating the right amount of drama which will appeal to the imagination of your guests.

Open Up Your Kitchen

An open kitchen looks stunning and helps in enhancing the space. This can be a very useful trick if you have a small apartment kitchen or a small area that you have to use as both kitchen and dining space. Food is cooked in the kitchen and filling up the dining room with aroma while guests or family member enjoy some time together a satisfying experience.

Bring in the Dining Space

If you do not have a space that can be used for dining, you can design your kitchen to play a dual role. A kitchen counter can become a dining table for your guests and family members. Prepare fresh salad or serve your sizzling dishes straight out of the microwave, the countertop dinner table will change the way you dine.

Get the Lighting Right

If you are renovating your kitchen to enable it to play the role of a dining space as well, you need to pay special attention to the lights. Since you will have guests and friends coming into your kitchen, you need to choose lights that are decorative and attractive. You must also keep in mind that lights should also be suitable and convenient. The cooking area will need different lighting arrangements than the dining zone. Remember to choose stylish pieces while keeping the light arrangements in mind.

Cupboards and Cabinets

A clumsy kitchen is a complete turn off and when it doubles up as a dining space it can be quite embarrassing. Using the right set of cupboards and cabinets designed to go with your kitchen is crucial for better organisation. Cabinets that are functional and easy to operate help in enhancing the efficiency of the kitchen. Choosing the right set cabinets is an art that is essential for getting an exceptional kitchen. You can also achieve a clean and modern look by integrating your kitchen appliances with cabinets.


If you are inviting your guests to your kitchen, you must ensure they are all praises about it. To ensure that your kitchen impresses your guests, you must pay attention to the décor of your kitchen.

Backsplash tiles are one of the simple ways to add elegance to your kitchen. With the right set of tiles, you can create the right impression and add an edge to your kitchen.

Renovating a kitchen that doubles up as a dramatic kitchen is easier to design if you have a theme in mind. This will help you to choose your cabinets, get the colour combinations right, better light arrangements and decide about the décor.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we’ve renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium kitchen renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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Tips to Design a Dynamic Kitchen

A carefully planned kitchen can be a boon for the house. As a functional little corner, a beautifully designed kitchen can have a variety of functions. Apart from being a utilitarian space for preparing meals, modern kitchens serve as a fantastic spot for holding parties and entertaining guests.

Whether you are relocating into a new apartment or remodelling an old kitchen, designing a kitchen requires meticulous planning.

Does the thought of designing a kitchen overwhelm you? Ease all your worries – this article will walk you through some essential aspects of designing a dynamic kitchen space.

1. Unclosed Shelving:

Enhance the functionality of your kitchen with open shelving. The shelves which come without door are convenient to use and enable users to access the necessary ingredients easily.

One can neatly arrange the plates and cooking utensils on these shelves to boost the overall functionality of the kitchen. Eliminate the inconvenience of doors and help your kitchen to transform into a fully utilitarian unit.

2. Unique Finish:

Nowadays kitchen equipment like sinks, plumbing solutions, and faucets come in contemporary designs that combine exquisite layout with high functionality.

Remember, good quality kitchen equipment improve the overall value of your kitchen. So, ditch the boring designs and make interesting upgrades to create a dynamic kitchen.

3. Lighting:

Decorators have highlighted the importance of natural light. If you want your kitchen to be bright and energetic, you can utilise natural light to create a vibrant kitchen. Moreover, to emphasize the subtle features of the kitchen, it is essential to opt for reflective colours like white.

Going forward, you can also add leading-edge lighting solutions to your kitchen, which will allow it to exude a contemporary charm. You can experiment with bold lighting options, such as low voltage dim bulbs, incandescent lights, LED lights, etc, depending on your requirements.

4. Combination of Materials:

Many people combine different materials to design their kitchen. Instead of sticking to traditional wood-made cabinets, you can mix materials like glass and stainless steel to enhance the aesthetic value of the cabinetry. These types of kaleidoscopic designs can add a quirky edge to your décor.

5. Modular Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are an indispensable part of a functional kitchen. You can choose modular cabinets, which allow flexibility of design, material, and accessories, to optimise the kitchen space.

Since these cabinets offer modular solutions, they add value to your home. Custom kitchen cabinets are an essential element of a kitchen, reflecting your personal taste.

So, explore your creative side and choose inventive solutions to offer your kitchen an outstanding look. Your options are abundant – whether you want modular shelving options or traditional cottage-type cabinetry – you can choose anything based on your taste and requirements.

Create a multi-functional space

Today, the role of a kitchen is not restricted to preparing food. Feel free to experiment with bold designs to transform your kitchen into a dynamic space where guests can assemble to share delectable meals.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we’ve renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium home renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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Renovating Your Home during Water Crisis in Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is currently facing a severe water crisis. The South African government had limited individual use of water per day to 87 litres per day in the month of January. From February 1, the limit has been reduced to simply 50 litres per day.

This is mainly due to lack of rainfall over the last few years. Cape Town has experienced the late arrival of winter rains over the past decade. The situation is worsening every year. Only a handful of wealthy people have built private tanks to store water while the rest of the population has to spend long hours in queues for getting their share of water.

Shops are finding it difficult to store water after the rapid sale of bottled water among the residents of Cape Town. Cape Town is mainly dependent on rainwater stored in the dams of the city. Day Zero can occur if the water level of the dams drops to 13.5 percent. The fear is that if Day Zero happens then, things would be dire indeed.

Renovations during water restrictions

In such a situation it is difficult to visualise your renovation dreams indeed. Every construction or renovation work would require water and at this moment of crisis, one cannot simply spare water. However, renovations are necessary to live in a habitable home. At this moment you will have to be extra careful when spending water.

People are finding out ways to recycle water to battle this crisis. Many are re-using water from the washing machine to water potted plants. Home renovation companies in Cape Town are therefore finding out new ways to stay in business. These companies assure that they will help you to visualise your dream home even during this period of the water crisis.

Use of grey water

Being aware of the crisis and facing it, the home renovation companies of Cape Town do not use water reserved for human use for any repair or construction purpose. Neither will they ask for water stored at your home. These companies use grey water for any construction work. Grey water is delivered to the working site. Therefore, their clients do not have to lose precious time collecting grey water.

Use of water-saving equipment

One can never do enough to save water at this moment of the water crisis. Therefore, if you are having plumbing problems then immediately contact a home renovation company as you cannot overlook a leaking tap or pipe at this moment. These companies will provide you with tap and other plumbing equipment that focus more on saving water.

Painting your house and checking the electrical connection

You can paint your house to make it look new. You should not overlook the electrical problems. So, check the electrical connections of your house even if you are facing a water crisis. Moreover, painting, as well as electrical repairs, will not put a strain on the supply of water.

Therefore, these renovation companies have planned the above-mentioned ways to fight the water crisis in Cape Town.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we’ve renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium home renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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