Renovating Your Home during Water Crisis in Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is currently facing a severe water crisis. The South African government had limited individual use of water per day to 87 litres per day in the month of January. From February 1, the limit has been reduced to simply 50 litres per day.

This is mainly due to lack of rainfall over the last few years. Cape Town has experienced the late arrival of winter rains over the past decade. The situation is worsening every year. Only a handful of wealthy people have built private tanks to store water while the rest of the population has to spend long hours in queues for getting their share of water.

Shops are finding it difficult to store water after the rapid sale of bottled water among the residents of Cape Town. Cape Town is mainly dependent on rainwater stored in the dams of the city. Day Zero can occur if the water level of the dams drops to 13.5 percent. The fear is that if Day Zero happens then, things would be dire indeed.

Renovations during water restrictions

In such a situation it is difficult to visualise your renovation dreams indeed. Every construction or renovation work would require water and at this moment of crisis, one cannot simply spare water. However, renovations are necessary to live in a habitable home. At this moment you will have to be extra careful when spending water.

People are finding out ways to recycle water to battle this crisis. Many are re-using water from the washing machine to water potted plants. Home renovation companies in Cape Town are therefore finding out new ways to stay in business. These companies assure that they will help you to visualise your dream home even during this period of the water crisis.

Use of grey water

Being aware of the crisis and facing it, the home renovation companies of Cape Town do not use water reserved for human use for any repair or construction purpose. Neither will they ask for water stored at your home. These companies use grey water for any construction work. Grey water is delivered to the working site. Therefore, their clients do not have to lose precious time collecting grey water.

Use of water-saving equipment

One can never do enough to save water at this moment of the water crisis. Therefore, if you are having plumbing problems then immediately contact a home renovation company as you cannot overlook a leaking tap or pipe at this moment. These companies will provide you with tap and other plumbing equipment that focus more on saving water.

Painting your house and checking the electrical connection

You can paint your house to make it look new. You should not overlook the electrical problems. So, check the electrical connections of your house even if you are facing a water crisis. Moreover, painting, as well as electrical repairs, will not put a strain on the supply of water.

Therefore, these renovation companies have planned the above-mentioned ways to fight the water crisis in Cape Town.

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