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benefits of a free standing bath

6 Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Freestanding Bath

With all the stress and pressures of life, nothing beats slipping into a warm bath at the end of the day. A few moments to just unwind and relax. An indulgence we would all certainly love to be able to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. Especially in these uncertain times where we find ourselves spending maybe even more time at home.

 You’ve seen it so many times in the movies, the scene is set. The woman walks into the bathroom to soak up after a gruelling day and there it is, in all its grandeur… the freestanding bath!

The freestanding bath has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. In addition to its practical use, a freestanding bath is the ultimate luxurious bathroom fixture.

Instagram and Pinterest are swamped with images and posts of this trend, and you might be wondering if it is right for you. 

We have six reasons why you should opt for a freestanding bath for your next bathroom renovation.

1. Easy to install

Thanks to the design and overall functionality of a freestanding bath, it requires minimal installation besides the general plumbing that is needed. Unlike standard baths which need to be installed against a wall, you can position a freestanding bath anywhere you like in a room.  

2. Creates a luxurious space

Simply put, a freestanding bath just looks incredibly luxurious. It is a symbol of decadence and relaxation, that is not easily achieved with a built-in bath. Freestanding baths make an eye-catching and beautiful focal point for the room and allow you to create a warm and inviting space.

3. Comfort

Freestanding baths are crafted for people who love to spend time bathing and relaxing, so comfort is a key consideration of most designs. Compared to a built-in bath, freestanding baths often have more depth to ensure you stay comfortable. 

4. Defines your space

The open space around the bath makes any room look bigger and creates a dramatic central point. Whether your bathroom is filled with accessories or just a couple of key items, your eye is immediately drawn to the large tub and the space around it.

5. Increases your home value

Whenever you make any kind of home renovation it is always wise to consider what the impact on resale will be. Not only will a freestanding bath add character to your home it will also make your space unique and undoubtedly add significant value as well. 

6. Spoilt for choice

There is a multitude of options when it comes to freestanding baths, which means you’ll be sure to find one in the perfect style to match your bathroom design. Whether you’re going for something contemporary, vintage or maybe even a statement piece, the choice is yours.

With so many reasons to opt for a freestanding bath, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you choose one that will suit the style, size and functionality of your bathroom, perfectly. 

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grey and white ceramic bathroom tiles

Bathroom Remodeling Guide: Where to Use Ceramic

Ceramic has been used to build and decorate homes for thousands of years. Archaeologists continue to discover ancient pieces of ceramic buried deep in the Earth. It’s a durable material that is also gorgeous to look at. Ceramic tiles can be used for flooring, backsplashes, or even to decorate your shower.

If you are in the process of remodelling your bathroom, you’ll want to consider using these unique and beautiful materials.

We’re going to talk about where you can use ceramic tile in your bathroom and the benefits of selecting this material for your renovations.


You’d probably think that ceramic tiles can be pretty delicate. But ceramic can be very strong and durable. Suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors use the Porcelain Enamel Institute abrasion test to rank ceramic tiles based on their hardness and durability.

The scale ranks from zero to five. Tiles carrying strength of one and two are often strong enough to handle use in a bathroom, especially for flooring.

However, if you have young kids or a large family, you might want to consider purchasing a stronger tile. Ceramic tiles are also water-resistant. It’s a perfect option to use in the bathroom.

Some tiles are heavier than others. You’ll need to reconsider your tile selection based on your project. If you are using ceramic tile for a backsplash or countertops, you’ll want to choose a lighter tile. Projects that include flooring can use a heavier tile.


Ceramic tiles offer another perk to those with busy families. It is extremely easy to keep your ceramic floors, showers, countertops, and backsplashes clean.

All you need is some warm water, soap, and a mop. Simply sweep or dust the tile every day while mopping or wiping down the counters once every few days.

Most heavy-duty cleaners and soaps will not damage the ceramic tile. You can also get a special grout to make cleanup even easier.

Ceramic is a non-porous material that does not stain easily. It’s also a great, hypoallergenic option for those with allergies. The hard tile does not trap irritants like dander, hair, or bacteria. You can also glaze your ceramic tile floors, countertops, or backsplash once you’ve finished the installation.

This will add another layer of protection from dirt, stains, and scratches. If you do manage to crack one of the tiles, it is easy to replace the one damaged tile while preserving the rest of the floor or countertop.

Staying Warm

Ceramic can stay cooler for longer periods of time. While this might be ideal during the summer, ceramic floors and countertops can create a chilly environment in the winter.

You can fight the cold by purchasing rugs and mats for your bathroom floors.

For those with a larger budget, an underfloor heating system can be installed between the floorboards and the ceramic tile. This will add an additional layer of heat in your bathroom and save your feet in the colder months.

Colours and Design

Ceramic tile comes in thousands of colours and designs. Traditional colours include shades of white, grey, and blue.

You can also find different patterns like floral, paisley, or stripes. You can get creative and use different styles of ceramic tile to provide a unique look. However, you’ll want to limit yourself to three different tile designs for your bathroom.

Coloured ceramic tiles paired with all white walls can provide a striking look in your bathroom. This design can make smaller bathrooms look larger. You can also purchase tile in different shapes, like hexagons or rectangles.

If you are concerned about recycling, you can purchase ceramic tile that has been leftover from previous projects. You can usually get this type of tile at a discounted rate as well.


Ceramic tile can be more expensive compared to linoleum and carpet. However, the sturdy material is more durable and will last longer over time.

Choosing ceramic tile will also help you out in case of a water leak. Water can seriously damage linoleum and carpet while ceramic is water-resistant.

Ceramic tiles are also cheaper than natural stone tiles like marble, granite, and quartz.


It is possible for an amateur to install their own ceramic tile. However, it is a tedious process and if you can afford to hire a contractor, it’s best to hire a professional.

There can be a lot of factors that impact your final bill. This includes the type of tile you purchase, how much is needed, and the difficulty of the project itself.

If you do decide to go down the do-it-yourself route, you’ll need to follow the step-by-step process. This includes taking the proper measurements, cutting out the supplies, and purchasing materials.

You’ll need underlayment, grout, mortar, and the tiles itself. You will also need a tile saw and several other tools.

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Complete bathroom restoration with white built in cabinets and gold finishes

Bathroom Renovation vs. Bathroom Refurbishment

When delving into the realm of interior makeovers, face-lifts and general home improvements, one can easily find themselves tangled in terminology. So, to renovate or to refurbish? What’s the difference? Here’s a quick breakdown of both routes, with a couple, added bonus bathroom design tips!

A ‘Mish’ to refurbish?

At first glance, this word might sound like the doorway to a never-ending, tedious travel towards your new bathroom. However, the process is rather the opposite and much closer resembles the ease of the word rolling off your tongue. In fact, a refurbish has a lot more to do with the restoration of what you already have.

Rather than hack-away at your entire space, refurbishing acts as a general face-lift for your home instead. Sound more up your alley? Well, if you’re looking at refurbishing your bathroom, you’re most likely looking at things like redecorating and “adding” rather than resurrecting completely.


When redecorating your bathroom, one might opt for new light fixtures, a new paint job, some fancy new copper basin taps or even adding some modern cabinet doors to replace the existing ones.

Quick design tip: Refurbishing will naturally clean-up your space, but be sure to keep to a clean bathroom design too if you’re looking for a real “wow” transformation.


This term isn’t nearly as retro-old school as it might sound. In fact, retrofitting falls under refurbishing and is often necessary to bring your bathroom into the modern age. This includes adding improvements mostly based around installations. Think heating, adding improved piping fixtures and anything which essentially makes what you already have, work better.

Quick design tip: Keep your light fixtures close to your bathroom mirror, and opt for timeless pieces which will blend with the rest of your home.

Next up, renovation station!

Rather than restoration, this term deals more closely with a complete bathroom re-work and resurrection. And yes, it can be just as daunting as it sounds. Don’t worry though, with the help of a team of trusted renovation experts, the efforts of heading this route can be most rewarding.

Okay, so plainly put, to renovate is the opposite of a face-lift. Instead, it is to commit complete surgery on your bathroom space.

When looking to renovate your bathroom, one might look at stripping everything clear and starting anew on a blank canvas. This leaves multiple options for an entirely new bathtub, flooring, walls, storage-space, shower, or even storage-space IN the shower! The possibilities are endless.

Quick design tip: When you are installing a new bathroom, pay close attention to the heights of things. Make sure they are both beautiful AND practical. Also, be aware of future water-damage when choosing materials to work with.

If done well, then no matter which route you go, both are bound to give you the boost your bathroom deserves. Happy designing!

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bathroom renovation cape town

What To Consider When Selecting Bathroom Features

In some cases less is more, but this is not the case with bathrooms. While simplicity is valued these days, a bathroom with lots of features is just preferable.

Below are some tips to contemplate when looking at a bathroom upgrade.

Consider the space

Firstly, designing a bathroom requires clever use of space. While more features will make the use of the room more fulfilling, remember to refrain from fitting features that the room simply cannot accommodate. A lack of space will restrict movement and detract from the overall experience.


Always go with a large mirror and a floated vanity basin. This will Improve the lighting and perception of space.

Towel rail

Heated towel rail? Seems a luxury to have but definitely worth it. It may cost a bit extra in electricity to run, but it will keep your towels warm while fitting in with the other decor in the room.


Closed shower or walk-in shower? Walk-in showers are the more modern and popular choice at the moment, but remember to use an 800mm panel to avoid water splashing and don’t forget to leave space for the opening.

Space around the toilet: allow a minimum of 250mm on the sides

Shower width: it is not recommended to be less than 850mm. Beware of uneven tiles that will retain water and potentially become a slip hazard.


About the bath: baths are less popular these days and less people use them, which means that you could get away with a bigger shower if you scrapped the idea of a bath. You could also use the space for a bigger vanity basin and mirror.

If you still insist on a bath, go freestanding – these are modern, sleek and look good. Remember to allow space on the sides of the bath for easy cleaning. We recommend at least 100mm.

Black sanitaryware and accessories

One of the latest trends at the moment and for good reason. Tired of seeing chrome everywhere?

Go black and you will never look back. We recommend going with: a black basin mixer tap; black clicka waste and trap for the basin; and black shower mixer, rose & arm. Finish the bathroom off with a black hand towel ring and black heated towel rail.


Popular tiles that work well with black Sanitaryware are marble-look porcelain tiles or screed-look ceramic tiles.

Considering an updated bathroom?

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Modern bathroom

Kitchen & Bathroom Tiling – All your Options

Most homes have a kitchen and at least one bathroom and most kitchens and bathrooms are tiled. Tiles come in many shapes and sizes and are a part of our homes that we often take for granted, but they have a major impact on the look and feel of a room.

Tiling can be an expensive outlay and if not done correctly could become a costly maintenance task or even have to be stripped down and redone completely. Which is why you need to be certain that the tiles you choose for your home fit the form and function that you’re home needs.

Below are some different options that are available when you go about choosing the right tile for your kitchen or bathroom upgrade.


These tiles are used in lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and they complement many types of furniture.

They are very durable and very resistant to scratches and fading.


These are manufactured from ceramic material but are fired at much higher temperatures. You can find glazed or unglazed porcelain tiles on the market.

They are very resistant to moisture and frost and can be used for outdoor areas with high foot traffic.

Natural stone

Natural tiles are made from slate, sandstone, granite and natural marble and they work well outdoors because they are so durable.

They are very resistant to the elements and foot traffic and their colour doesn’t easily fade.


These tiny tiles come in a wide variety of materials such as glass, metal and natural stone. They are laid in beautiful patterns that bring life to the home.

They are easy to clean and are able to withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures, so they are ideal for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.


These tiles offer customers the look and feel of more expensive tiling, but at a far lower cost. Homeowners are able to substitute the appearance of natural stone or solid wood flooring even when on a tight budget.

Looking to remodel? Speak to a contractor like Home Decor Interiors – our clients speak for us.

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Kitchen with black counter tops and built in cupboards

Renovating Your Home during Water Crisis in Cape Town

The city of Cape Town is currently facing a severe water crisis. The South African government had limited individual use of water per day to 87 litres per day in the month of January. From February 1, the limit has been reduced to simply 50 litres per day.

This is mainly due to lack of rainfall over the last few years. Cape Town has experienced the late arrival of winter rains over the past decade. The situation is worsening every year. Only a handful of wealthy people have built private tanks to store water while the rest of the population has to spend long hours in queues for getting their share of water.

Shops are finding it difficult to store water after the rapid sale of bottled water among the residents of Cape Town. Cape Town is mainly dependent on rainwater stored in the dams of the city. Day Zero can occur if the water level of the dams drops to 13.5 percent. The fear is that if Day Zero happens then, things would be dire indeed.

Renovations during water restrictions

In such a situation it is difficult to visualise your renovation dreams indeed. Every construction or renovation work would require water and at this moment of crisis, one cannot simply spare water. However, renovations are necessary to live in a habitable home. At this moment you will have to be extra careful when spending water.

People are finding out ways to recycle water to battle this crisis. Many are re-using water from the washing machine to water potted plants. Home renovation companies in Cape Town are therefore finding out new ways to stay in business. These companies assure that they will help you to visualise your dream home even during this period of the water crisis.

Use of grey water

Being aware of the crisis and facing it, the home renovation companies of Cape Town do not use water reserved for human use for any repair or construction purpose. Neither will they ask for water stored at your home. These companies use grey water for any construction work. Grey water is delivered to the working site. Therefore, their clients do not have to lose precious time collecting grey water.

Use of water-saving equipment

One can never do enough to save water at this moment of the water crisis. Therefore, if you are having plumbing problems then immediately contact a home renovation company as you cannot overlook a leaking tap or pipe at this moment. These companies will provide you with tap and other plumbing equipment that focus more on saving water.

Painting your house and checking the electrical connection

You can paint your house to make it look new. You should not overlook the electrical problems. So, check the electrical connections of your house even if you are facing a water crisis. Moreover, painting, as well as electrical repairs, will not put a strain on the supply of water.

Therefore, these renovation companies have planned the above-mentioned ways to fight the water crisis in Cape Town.

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