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turn spare room home office

How To Turn A Spare Room Into A Full Home Office

Home offices are now more of a necessity and less of a frivolous add-on. So whether you work from home occasionally or full time, you will need a space to work. This seems to be the new normal and chances are we’ll be doing a lot more of it in the foreseeable future.

The flexibility and extra time that working from home offers can be quite beneficial, but there are pitfalls. If the space and environment you are working in is not conducive, a lot of your time could be wasted. You can avoid that by ensuring that the space you are in allows you to be productive.

And how do you that you may ask?

Well, we are going to show you how you can transform a spare bedroom into a home office.

Lets’ look at how it’s done;

Make a fresh start

The first important thing to do when you transform your spare bedroom into a home office is to make a fresh start. If you’ve used the spare bedroom for any other purpose previously, then you’ll want to start afresh. This applies to the decor, the painted walls and the furniture. Clearing the room will allow you to have a fresh canvas to work from.

Choose the right colour

Research shows that the colour of the walls you work within can have a profound impact on your productivity. Natural toned colours such as green and blue hues can improve efficiency and focus, while warm yellows can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. So choose your colours carefully.

Light & Airy

Ensure that there is enough natural light and fresh air coming into the room. You don’t want to feel as though you are sitting in some sort of dungeon. This will make your work space a much more enjoyable atmosphere. Bring in some green plants and flowers to give it more life.

Maximize your desk space

If your home doesn’t have a built-in desk option, then you’ll need to invest in a stand-alone sturdy desk for your computer and other office necessities. Focus on desks that maximize the space in your office. Whether it’s an L-shaped desk that fits in a corner, a writing desk that you can push up against the wall or maybe a floating desk that opens up floor space, but be sure to get one that works best for your environment and needs.

Avoid bulky office chairs

When setting up a home office in a limited space, such as a bedroom it’s important to maximize your workspace as much as possible. You can do this by opting for an office chair that slides easily under the desk. If possible, avoid wide, bulky office chairs with armrests. Choosing a desk chair that doubles as a dining chair or sitting chair may be another great way to save space.

Minimize wires

The myriad of gadgetry we use today also comes with the unsightly tangle of wires. To minimize the appearance of all these chargers and cords, consider getting items like power strips, flexi cable organizers, cable ties or even cable trunking. Another ingenious idea would be to add wire slots to your office desk, it will hide the clutter of wires while you keep your gadgets on the table.

Keep it simple

Keep your workspace simple and avoid cluttering with too many decorative pieces. Limit items on your desk to just your computer, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a picture frame and a lamp. Adding too many personal items to your office will only distract you from working and limit the amount of desk space you have to work on. Drawer organisers also help to keep work efficient by having a specific space for all your office items – no time lost searching for odd items like a pen or scissors. It also keeps the clutter contained and looks good too!

Focus on storage

Don’t count on a lot of floor space for storage when setting up a home office. Instead, focus on vertical storage. Instead of file cabinets, consider installing shelves or built-in cupboards above your desk to hold files, books and other office necessities. If you’d like to avoid nailing anything into the wall, consider using a free-standing ladder desk that includes vertical shelves.

Home Decor Interiors can help!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process of turning your spare bedroom into a home office or maybe you simply don’t have the time, then let us help! Here at Home Decor Interiors, we streamline the process to make it hassle-free and convenient for you.

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choose lighting for your home

How To Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is not something we often think about when it comes to home design or a home renovation, but it is pretty important. It sets the tone for the room as well as energy consumption for the home. Believe it or not, choosing the right lighting for your home can be trickier than some people think.

Did you know that light fixtures are one of the key elements in any room design?

Lighting can set the mood of a room and change the look and feel dramatically, not only by the light it gives off but also by the size and style of the fittings.

To get the balance right, when choosing which lighting options to go with, think about the design, its purpose as well as its function.

First up, let’s look at the three types of lighting:

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting design is different throughout the house, but it is the most common form of lighting in the home. How will your bathroom lighting ideas differ from your bedroom lighting ideas? Ambient lighting creates the general impression a room makes when you walk in, so you may want softer lighting in your bedroom compared to your bathroom, while entrance halls may be more sculptural in their effect.

Utility/specified lighting

This form of lighting design is only for specific purposes. For example, desk or reading lamps, kitchen-sink lighting, bathroom specific lighting and any other form of light that has less use. Choosing the correct lighting for utilities needs to be carefully considered, as you could find yourself highlighting an unflattering area.

Accent lighting

This form of lighting is used to highlight textures and design features in your home, as well as your interior design, such as paintings and display pieces.

Although some types of light fixtures are more commonly associated with a particular layer of lighting, most fixtures are versatile enough to be used in a number of ways.

Have a look at the various light fixtures on the market.


Chandeliers look beautiful and make a statement. They can make a space look elegant and timeless and come in many different styles. Usually, your eye will be drawn to the light fitting when a chandelier is hanging, so rooms such as entryways, kitchens or dining rooms are good choices.


Downlights can create subtle mood lighting, especially when paired with other options, but they can also be over-powering when too many are used. Try combining downlights in living areas with floor and table lamps, or use them in a kitchen with pendant lights.


Pendant lights are smaller than chandeliers but are also visually appealing and will draw your attention. They are particularly good for areas where direct lighting is required. You can choose to have one decorative pendant hanging alone, especially in smaller areas or over a dining table.

Lamps and floor lamps

Living areas and bedrooms are the most common rooms for using lamps. They change the ambience in a room instantly. Use floor lamps in your living area for your main ambient lighting, complemented by table lamps for filler light.

LED strip lights

Strip lights are incredibly versatile; they can be installed on the underside of cupboards and benches to create a touch of ambience and even along the tops of ceilings. They can also be used on desks, beds, pathways.
Decorative Bulbs

Decorative bulbs are the go-to choice if you are looking for something more than a simple globe. These bulbs mimic old fashioned filament lights and can even be purchase in LED! Use them in your lamps clear and pendant lights to bring a rustic feel to your home.

Ready for your lighting makeover?

We can help you to get the best out of your lighting upgrades and every other aspect of your home renovation project.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience, and during that time, we’ve renovated hundreds of homes; we pride ourselves on being a premium home renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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smart bedroom designs

What Is A Smart Bedroom?

A bedroom is a place we go to rest, to find comfort and solace from the workday and to find peace. A place where luxury and comforts are welcome, which is why technology is starting to play a larger role in the design and creation of modern bedrooms. As with anything that applies technology to a traditional concept, bedrooms with new gadgets have been dubbed the smart bedroom.

But what exactly is a smart bedroom and why would you want one?

A well-designed bedroom is important!

The ideal bedroom is not only a place of rest and relaxation, but it has to be a sanctuary that allows you to foster a sense of wellness and absolute rejuvenation. A bedroom’s design can play a vital role in the quality of your sleep and can have a huge effect on your health in general. We’re all about optimizing homes, so let’s dive in and see what it takes to upgrade your bedroom into the future.

What is a smart bedroom?

As the name suggests, a smart bedroom is one that blends technology into your sleeping space. It can essentially be described as an automated setup that can include multiple devices, such as motorized blinds, smart speakers, smart thermostats and self-adapting lights. These are all connected to each other via an internet connection and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the house using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Currently, there are three main competitors in smart hubs available in South Africa, they are;

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Apple

What you will need to create your own smart bedroom:

Overall, having a smart bedroom is all about making your life easier and more comfortable, so we’re going to look at a variety of devices that you can incorporate into your bedroom.

1. Smart lighting

Smart lighting in your bedroom allows you to determine the atmosphere by setting scenes. For example, you can have the lights go on slowly as your alarm goes off. Conveniently, you can control the lighting remotely when you go to bed, without having to walk to the switch.

2. Smart nightlight

A smart nightlight is motion activated and will only go on when you’re up and about and not while you’re sleeping. Perfect for those middle of the night bathroom trips, You can say goodbye to bumping your toes or blinding yourself with light at night.

3. Smart thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you can ensure your bedroom has the right temperature on time, saving you money on electricity. And before you go to sleep, your smart heating can ensure that the room is comfortably warm on time.

4. Smart air purifier

Smart air purifiers provide your bedroom with good air quality. An air purifier in your bedroom regulates when the air is purified on its own. In addition, you can use the app to set times for this, yourself. This way, you’ll be sleeping in a bedroom with good air quality at night.

5. Smart connectors

A smart connector lets you turn a non-smart device into a smart device. This way, you can switch devices in your bedroom on or off remotely. For example, you can control your fan using your phone. 

6. Smart Blinds

Natural light is one of the best wake-up calls in the morning. With smart technology, you can hook up a motor to your blinds so that they will open when you want them to. You can set it to activate when it detects sunlight, or you can integrate it with your smart alarm clock to go off with the alarm.

7. Smart Pillow

A smart pillow provides you with a hands-on approach to tracking your sleep. It uses sensors to see how much you toss and turn throughout the night, and it can even be programmed to wake you up in place of an alarm, by gently vibrating until you get up.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many different ways to incorporate technology into your bedroom. Once you get the ball rolling, we’re sure that you’ll want to add more and more devices to make your life even easier. 

Find out more about bedroom renovations.

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creating a man cave

How You can Turn a Spare Bedroom into a Man Cave

Man caves are modern-day sanctuaries that allow boys and men of all ages to escape the harshness of everyday life. Typically filled with memorabilia, gaming equipment, and whatever your hobbies and interests may be.

A spare bedroom is a perfect area to turn into your man cave because it is often underutilized and sparsely furnished.

Here we’ll look at how you can turn a spare bedroom into a man cave:

1. Empty Canvas

Remove all traces that the room was at some other point used as a spare bedroom. Put the furniture in another room, store it, or even better, sell it to furnish your decorating endeavour. Empty the cupboards of anything unrelated to the room’s new purpose.

2. Get painting

Paint the walls in a light shade of blue, green or brown. Avoid darker hues, as these make the space seem smaller than it really is. Save the darker colours for skirtings, cornices or decorative items.

3. Functional furniture

Decorate the room with one large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, that anchors the space and provides a focal point. Bring in two to three smaller pieces, maybe a small side table for drinks and snacks. Avoid cluttering the room with several larger pieces of furniture, as these make the space feel smaller than it is. Choose multi-purpose furniture to cut down unnecessary items, for example, a coffee table with drawers.

4. Hang the TV

Do away with the television stand and hang the flat screen on a wall-mounted bracket. Hang a shelf under the television to store any components, electronic accessories, headsets and controllers.

5. Memorabilia

Place any memorabilia, action figures or other collectables on hanging shelves, instead of displaying the items in large cabinets. This allows you to free up floor space while showing off your collections. Avoid overloading the shelving with too much as it will make the space feel cluttered and overstuffed.

6. Light it Up

Place a floor lamp in the corner or allow the sun to shine through the windows. Avoid heavy, dark curtains and maybe opt for blinds or shutters. The extra light makes the room seem lighter and larger.

7. Reflection

Incorporate a mirror into the room. Hang a decorative bar mirror or choose a mirrored coffee table to reflect more light. This makes the space feel larger. A single mirror placed opposite a window reflects light throughout and adds a feeling of depth.

Final thoughts

The key to creating a man cave that is personal to you is to get creative and to include the things that are important and meaningful to you but that don’t take up too much space.

If you’re looking to create a man cave in your house, but still stumped on how to get started. Contact us and we will help realise your man cave dreams.

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French doors in bedroom

Why French Doors Are Perfect For The Master Bedroom

French doors are a stunning addition to any home, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. They have become quite popular over the last few years and the variation of designs and styles continue to grow. French doors, as you will see, are usually used to connect your bedroom to the outdoors, giving you the ability to open them up and let the fresh air flow in. 

In this article, we will look at why French Doors are perfect for your master bedroom. 

First up though, let’s find out;

What are French Doors?

French doors are typically hinged double doors that open outward, but sometimes they can also open inward. When they are open, they provide full access to the width of the opening they’re installed in.

Why French Doors are Perfect for the Master Bedroom?

1. Shine On Through

One of the major benefits of installing French doors in the master bedroom is the amount of light that is able to shine through them. For your master bedroom, choose French doors that consist mostly of glass, this will add light and create a welcoming warmth to your bedroom. 

2. Enhances Your Bedroom’s Design

Due to their distinct design, French doors can complement any bedroom style, creating an elegant yet homely look and feel.

3. Improves your Bedroom’s Functionality

Not all French doors lead to an outdoor area, these doors also work well to create a space between the bedroom and maybe a home office or adjoining room. Creating an overall open flow of your room.

Another wonderful idea is to have French doors installed leading into your bathroom. Frosted glass French doors maintain privacy while allowing light from the bathroom to spill into the rest of your master bedroom.

4. Illusions

French doors can easily make a small bedroom seem much larger. The glass French doors tend to create the illusion of more space in a room, which is ideal for small bedrooms. 

5. Living Inside Out

French doors leading to an outdoor patio or balcony area creates such a beautiful continuation of the whole space. Bathed in natural light, this allows you easy access to the outdoors. Especially for gorgeous mornings where you can enjoy your first cup of coffee watching the sunrise!

6. Add Value

Master bedroom upgrades have proven to bring a substantial return on investment in terms of home renovations. As such, installing French doors in your bedroom will certainly raise the value of your home. 

So there you have it! No matter what type or style of French door you choose, you can be assured that you will be adding character and style to your master bedroom. A home renovation such as this can be an exciting, yet daunting prospect. So get in touch with us today and let us help your vision become a reality. 

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience, and during that time, we’ve renovated hundreds of homes; we pride ourselves on being a premium home renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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benefits of a free standing bath

6 Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Freestanding Bath

With all the stress and pressures of life, nothing beats slipping into a warm bath at the end of the day. A few moments to just unwind and relax. An indulgence we would all certainly love to be able to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. Especially in these uncertain times where we find ourselves spending maybe even more time at home.

 You’ve seen it so many times in the movies, the scene is set. The woman walks into the bathroom to soak up after a gruelling day and there it is, in all its grandeur… the freestanding bath!

The freestanding bath has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years. In addition to its practical use, a freestanding bath is the ultimate luxurious bathroom fixture.

Instagram and Pinterest are swamped with images and posts of this trend, and you might be wondering if it is right for you. 

We have six reasons why you should opt for a freestanding bath for your next bathroom renovation.

1. Easy to install

Thanks to the design and overall functionality of a freestanding bath, it requires minimal installation besides the general plumbing that is needed. Unlike standard baths which need to be installed against a wall, you can position a freestanding bath anywhere you like in a room.  

2. Creates a luxurious space

Simply put, a freestanding bath just looks incredibly luxurious. It is a symbol of decadence and relaxation, that is not easily achieved with a built-in bath. Freestanding baths make an eye-catching and beautiful focal point for the room and allow you to create a warm and inviting space.

3. Comfort

Freestanding baths are crafted for people who love to spend time bathing and relaxing, so comfort is a key consideration of most designs. Compared to a built-in bath, freestanding baths often have more depth to ensure you stay comfortable. 

4. Defines your space

The open space around the bath makes any room look bigger and creates a dramatic central point. Whether your bathroom is filled with accessories or just a couple of key items, your eye is immediately drawn to the large tub and the space around it.

5. Increases your home value

Whenever you make any kind of home renovation it is always wise to consider what the impact on resale will be. Not only will a freestanding bath add character to your home it will also make your space unique and undoubtedly add significant value as well. 

6. Spoilt for choice

There is a multitude of options when it comes to freestanding baths, which means you’ll be sure to find one in the perfect style to match your bathroom design. Whether you’re going for something contemporary, vintage or maybe even a statement piece, the choice is yours.

With so many reasons to opt for a freestanding bath, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you choose one that will suit the style, size and functionality of your bathroom, perfectly. 

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Sunken lounge decorations

How To Furnish A Modern Sunken Living Room?

When you’re putting up a house, the type of room you want turns out to be an important feature of your soon-to-be home. The colour, choice of style, concept, and theme are something to consider because this is project will be long-term, and you can’t afford just to let it be without following the style and preference you want.

The modern sunken living room, for instance, may perhaps look unfamiliar. However, these days are otherwise; modern sunken living rooms remain very popular and are now considered a modern design for homes since open-concept houses are trendy. So, if you consider the sunken living room for your new house, then you probably want to know how it’s done and perhaps how to furnish it. That’s why in this article, you will know more about the modern sunken living room and why many consider this type of concept.

Why Consider Modern Sunken Living Room?

One good thing about a sunken living room is that it gives you a place to separate, even just within your home. Since the sunken living room is a few steps below your home, it somehow gives you the privacy you need within an open room.

Even if this concept can relate to the 1920s, it still never goes out of style and always hits the mainstream until the 1960s. This design introduces a feeling of intimacy to houses and encourages families and visitors to gather into one cosy and small space.

Tips in Creating a Modern Sinking Living Room

So, you’ve come across the concept of a modern sinking living room into your home. Here are the tips you might want to consider helping in furnishing or creating a modern sinking living room.

Choose the Right Colour and Light

Sunken rooms in the past were usually dark and not that welcoming. Since you want something modern, utilizing colour and light will make the space more inviting. Combine the same shade of colours in this room, like what you did in the rest of your home.

Don’t forget to put on plenty of lights, as this interesting furniture overhead will not make your modern sunken room feel or appear dark and boring. Furniture and upholstery should perhaps match so that the room will be a solid part of your home’s concept or design.

Take Precautions

Always note that visitors are not that used to sunken spaces as the ones who live in your home. It would help if you took extra precautions or install materials like handrails to ensure the steps were marked clearly. You may also use other design or flooring for your stairs so that they will be recognized easily.

You may also paint the stairs that don’t blend other parts of the floor so they could easily differentiate and easily know where to step. Or better yet, put lights on the floor, for this will not only serve as a precaution, but it could also be a great design for your modern sunken living room.

Choose the Appropriate Furniture

Always keep in mind to make sunken places look more useful and less intimidating. Through putting beautiful furniture, it will give your sunken living room a clear purpose, and that is lounging or for movies and entertainment.

You may also put a toy storing area and activity centres if you want it to be also used by your kids because no matter how you will use that sunken space at home, filling it with furniture will get rid of that awkward angle.


Whether you love or hate modern sunken living rooms, it’s always a part of home design for years and now a century. This concept is exciting as long as you have it in a modern and stylish way. This is a perfect design that will make your home feel more intimate and relaxing. It is where you can throw a party and a beautiful spot for taking family photos.

If you give your best in deciding to design this, the sunken living room will surely become a beautiful, buried treasure for years. It has advantages that any normal living room doesn’t have. One day you will realize that you’ve made the right decision for having this spot.

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Contemporary living room with air con upgrade

Benefits Of Repairing Or Replacing an Aircon During A Home Renovation

The idea of spending scorching summer temperatures without the comfort of air conditioners is almost unthinkable for homeowners. These appliances have become indispensable in every household, particularly in regions with extreme heatwaves.

Therefore, the worst nightmare of every homeowner is dealing with a faulty air conditioning unit on a boiling summer day. Some people decide to employ their DIY skills in the repair process, while others hire professional assistance.

Renovating for comfort

During home renovations, it can also be the ideal time to add these sorts of comforts or even upgrade your current systems or have to adjust placements as you change the way the flow of a certain room.

In some cases, it can be done by your renovator, and in other cases, you may need to secure the services of AC technicians that are trained and experienced in handling a wide range of defects in a safe and effective manner when moving or adjusting your air conditioning system. 

Greater convenience

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a home renovator handle aircon replacement or repair is the greater convenience in comparison with performing the job on your own. Most of the homeowners that employ DIY methods in the hope of repairing the defect of their air conditioner usually end up wasting plenty of time on creating even worse defects. 

Professional AC technicians or renovators, on the other hand, are armed with the required knowledge and an extensive record of experience, which enables them to perform the repairs amazingly quickly and effectively. These professionals waste no time on detecting the unit’s problem, as they have already come across a myriad of faulty air conditioners. 

Consequently, your air conditioning unit will be as good as new much sooner than you’ve expected, which is extremely beneficial in the course of scorching summer days. 

Greater safety

Another incredible benefit of hiring professional AC repair services is minimizing the risk of injuries and property damage that might take place during the repair process. Unlike homeowners, reputable AC companies and home renovators, abide by all safety codes and regulations that need to be followed while doing repairs. These technicians have the right training and equipment to perform the job safely, without causing any further damage. 

Conversely, due to the lack of experience and expertise, homeowners are more likely to endanger their safety while repairing their units. There is a great likelihood for some of them to get injured or cause property damage when pretending to be repairmen. Therefore, instead of risking potential injuries, trust your unit in the hands of experts that follow safety protocols. 

Enhanced longevity

Apart from providing clients with repair services, AC companies offer regular maintenance to homeowners who wish to stay on top of the work of their air conditioning units. Although most homeowners consider maintenance check-ups as just another way of splurging money, these services are capable of prolonging the lifespan of AC units. 

Moreover, by regularly replacing the filters, fins, and coils of air conditioners, professional technicians improve the performance of these units and significantly reduce the risk of defects. Bear in mind that the decline in performance results in an increase in energy use, thus considerably increasing the cost of your energy bills. 

Nevertheless, regular AC maintenance prevents severe defects from occurring, which in turn saves you money on costly repairs. Also, your air conditioners will be less likely to break down in the middle of summer, when the need for cool indoor air is of indispensable importance.

 Better cost-effectiveness

Despite the scepticism of homeowners, hiring professional AC repair services is more cost-effective than performing the job by yourself. These technicians are equipped with a variety of tools, which are necessary for handling different types of defects. 

Conversely, since homeowners lack most of these tools, they’d have to spend a large portion of their budget on purchasing or renting the required equipment. 

Furthermore, regular maintenance can reduce the high cost of energy bills by optimizing the unit’s performance and minimizing the risk of future defects. Most homeowners fail to realize that the increased cost of their utility bills results from the improper work of their air conditioners. Click here for some useful tips about using your AC unit more effectively. 

Keep cool indoors

Home renovations are not only a time for design changes but also a great excuse to do so much needed repairs to your home. Repairing items one at a time can turn out to be time-consuming and costly, so instead of wasting your precious time, make sure you hire real professionals to take care of the problem and get the job done in one big revamp! 


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A look at some spanish ideas for home decor

Home Decor Ideas: Simple Spanish Flare for Transformational Mediterranean Home Decor

February is the month of love, so what better time to spruce up your home with some romantic Spanish flare? Recently, we’ve seen some great European influences and ideas in home decor, especially when renovating cottages and outdated Victorian-styled architecture. And, after all, who wouldn’t want to escape to a little Mediterranean oasis they can call their own? We’re talking loads of light, spacious architecture, rustic furniture and a warm colour palette to sooth the soul.

Elevated, Rounded Archways

One of the most effective ways to bring light, charm, romance and space into your home, is by adding open archways. These tend to work well when renovating homes in South Africa, thanks to the beautiful Victorian influence of high ceilings many older homes still embody today. Wooden-style, curved archways not only add some European flair, but work great with open-plan designs.

If you are considering an open-plan layout, this is a great option for you. They look great with open-plan kitchens and as entrances to the living-room. Need a little privacy? One can easily fit a set of rustic wooden doors to these archways, opening from the middle outwards. These saloon-like doors also work great as window shutters. Alternatively, add some lightweight, white curtains in areas which receive some breeze. When the air flows, so will your zen!

Colour Palette

The Spanish design influence embodies a warm, rich colour palette. They are most often kept neutral, sticking with autumn colours. However, on the contrary, an important part of Spanish home decor are pops of colour. It’s not unusual to find colour blocking in many different design styles today, however, what sets this style apart are the ways in which they are used.

In most Spanish homes, you’ll find detailed patterns on small mosaic tiles, modestly lining the bottom or top of a room. In more punchy designs, it’s expected to find the entire floor or wall comprised of these! These are often floral, and are almost always flamboyant in colour. One can also play with contrasting tones of mustards and blues, a common visual theme throughout Spain.

Play With Clay

Adding clay decor to your home is also a great way to add to the rustic charm of your space. This could be in the form of clay-pots, flower-vases, fruit-bowls, plates and even the material used to build the structure of your indoor fireplace. In addition to clay, wooden coffee tables, counters, boxes for firewood or general storage will further embody your new Mediterranean masterpiece.

Chunky Exposed Roof Beams and Stone Walls

Another way to get bring rich tones and a rich Spanish country-style feel to your home, is to add exposed wooden roof beams. Automatically, they will levitate your gaze upwards, making the roof feel more spacious. They also add a wow factor, without actually taking up any space. Furthermore, a bonus when renovating with this home decor style, is that those stone walls you might want to be covering could actually work in your favour! Exposed stone or brick walls work effortlessly to bring the natural world, indoors.

Looking to further expand Mediterranean home decor throughout you home? Keep an eye on our blog for more home decor ideas for the bathroom, bedroom, living-room and kitchen!

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Dunmore apartment view from lounge area

How To Tell When It’s Time To Renovate

So your house is starting to look a little like that old, dusty, crumbling house straight from the corner of your least favourite horror film. And naturally, you’ve been thinking about renovating for a while now.. But even so, you’re still not quite sure whether or not now is the right time. But, if now isn’t the right time, then when is? 

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put a few simple steps together on how to evaluate whether your home is ready for a renovation, or not:

Home renovations can be expensive, time-consuming and require extraordinary, superhero-like courage. But have no fear, we are here to make these steps seem like a walk in the park.

Step one: Property valuation

It’s hard to think about selling if you’re about to spend a small fortune on a place you’re already living in (unless your plan is to Hulk it out and flip the property), but you should know what your property is worth. Moreover, what it can be worth after the renovation, and what houses typically sell for in your neighbourhood.

You don’t want to spend R1 million on a house that’s already worth R2 million in an area where the biggest property sale in the last five years was R2,3 million.

Consult your real estate agent or contractor about what the housing market looks like, and, whether or not they foresee an uptick in demand. This can be six months to a year from when you wish to begin. And, while they’re at it, they can tell you which parts of your house need improvement and will yield the highest returns, in terms of raising your property’s value.

Step two: Visualise

This is an entire topic on it’s own. It’s the fun part. Envision exactly what needs to be done, down to the very last tile or piece of wallpaper. Figure out every cost, like building materials, paints, finishes, contractor’s and draftsman’s fees, and absolutely everything in between. And in your evaluation, it’s also critical to figure out how long it will take – bearing in mind that you might need a little wiggle room.

Your home will be your new canvas, and a great way to build your vision before laying down any work is to create a 3D model of your idea.

Step three: ‘Tis the season to be building

Obviously the best time of the year to do any building is in the summer, when construction won’t be halted due to bad weather conditions. Yet, this also depends on what you’re doing. For example, kitchen countertops or light fixtures can (and should) be done in winter. It’s all about supply and demand.

Furthermore, window installations in February can cost more in terms of building materials, as well as a contractor’s labour fees. They might have more work in summer, and have less during the winter. It’s not advisable, however, to actually do the work during winter, because rain will undoubtedly interfere (unless you’re in a part of the country with summer rainfall).

Opt for narrowly off-season periods, like April or May, when the busy summer period is slowing down. However, when it comes to materials, nothing is stopping you from buying them in July and simply storing them until it’s time to begin.

Every superhero requires a mapped-out plan and vision before he or she can take on the world. Successful projects are the ones which have been well-thought-out, where most of the planning and logistics are out of the way, long before the grind even begins.

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