How To Turn A Spare Room Into A Full Home Office

Home offices are now more of a necessity and less of a frivolous add-on. So whether you work from home occasionally or full time, you will need a space to work. This seems to be the new normal and chances are we’ll be doing a lot more of it in the foreseeable future.

The flexibility and extra time that working from home offers can be quite beneficial, but there are pitfalls. If the space and environment you are working in is not conducive, a lot of your time could be wasted. You can avoid that by ensuring that the space you are in allows you to be productive.

And how do you that you may ask?

Well, we are going to show you how you can transform a spare bedroom into a home office.

Lets’ look at how it’s done;

Make a fresh start

The first important thing to do when you transform your spare bedroom into a home office is to make a fresh start. If you’ve used the spare bedroom for any other purpose previously, then you’ll want to start afresh. This applies to the decor, the painted walls and the furniture. Clearing the room will allow you to have a fresh canvas to work from.

Choose the right colour

Research shows that the colour of the walls you work within can have a profound impact on your productivity. Natural toned colours such as green and blue hues can improve efficiency and focus, while warm yellows can trigger optimism, creativity and fresh energy. So choose your colours carefully.

Light & Airy

Ensure that there is enough natural light and fresh air coming into the room. You don’t want to feel as though you are sitting in some sort of dungeon. This will make your work space a much more enjoyable atmosphere. Bring in some green plants and flowers to give it more life.

Maximize your desk space

If your home doesn’t have a built-in desk option, then you’ll need to invest in a stand-alone sturdy desk for your computer and other office necessities. Focus on desks that maximize the space in your office. Whether it’s an L-shaped desk that fits in a corner, a writing desk that you can push up against the wall or maybe a floating desk that opens up floor space, but be sure to get one that works best for your environment and needs.

Avoid bulky office chairs

When setting up a home office in a limited space, such as a bedroom it’s important to maximize your workspace as much as possible. You can do this by opting for an office chair that slides easily under the desk. If possible, avoid wide, bulky office chairs with armrests. Choosing a desk chair that doubles as a dining chair or sitting chair may be another great way to save space.

Minimize wires

The myriad of gadgetry we use today also comes with the unsightly tangle of wires. To minimize the appearance of all these chargers and cords, consider getting items like power strips, flexi cable organizers, cable ties or even cable trunking. Another ingenious idea would be to add wire slots to your office desk, it will hide the clutter of wires while you keep your gadgets on the table.

Keep it simple

Keep your workspace simple and avoid cluttering with too many decorative pieces. Limit items on your desk to just your computer, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a picture frame and a lamp. Adding too many personal items to your office will only distract you from working and limit the amount of desk space you have to work on. Drawer organisers also help to keep work efficient by having a specific space for all your office items – no time lost searching for odd items like a pen or scissors. It also keeps the clutter contained and looks good too!

Focus on storage

Don’t count on a lot of floor space for storage when setting up a home office. Instead, focus on vertical storage. Instead of file cabinets, consider installing shelves or built-in cupboards above your desk to hold files, books and other office necessities. If you’d like to avoid nailing anything into the wall, consider using a free-standing ladder desk that includes vertical shelves.

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