What To Consider When Selecting Bathroom Features

In some cases less is more, but this is not the case with bathrooms. While simplicity is valued these days, a bathroom with lots of features is just preferable.

Below are some tips to contemplate when looking at a bathroom upgrade.

Consider the space

Firstly, designing a bathroom requires clever use of space. While more features will make the use of the room more fulfilling, remember to refrain from fitting features that the room simply cannot accommodate. A lack of space will restrict movement and detract from the overall experience.


Always go with a large mirror and a floated vanity basin. This will Improve the lighting and perception of space.

Towel rail

Heated towel rail? Seems a luxury to have but definitely worth it. It may cost a bit extra in electricity to run, but it will keep your towels warm while fitting in with the other decor in the room.


Closed shower or walk-in shower? Walk-in showers are the more modern and popular choice at the moment, but remember to use an 800mm panel to avoid water splashing and don’t forget to leave space for the opening.

Space around the toilet: allow a minimum of 250mm on the sides

Shower width: it is not recommended to be less than 850mm. Beware of uneven tiles that will retain water and potentially become a slip hazard.


About the bath: baths are less popular these days and less people use them, which means that you could get away with a bigger shower if you scrapped the idea of a bath. You could also use the space for a bigger vanity basin and mirror.

If you still insist on a bath, go freestanding – these are modern, sleek and look good. Remember to allow space on the sides of the bath for easy cleaning. We recommend at least 100mm.

Black sanitaryware and accessories

One of the latest trends at the moment and for good reason. Tired of seeing chrome everywhere?

Go black and you will never look back. We recommend going with: a black basin mixer tap; black clicka waste and trap for the basin; and black shower mixer, rose & arm. Finish the bathroom off with a black hand towel ring and black heated towel rail.


Popular tiles that work well with black Sanitaryware are marble-look porcelain tiles or screed-look ceramic tiles.

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