Kitchen Countertops – A Complete Guide

Countertops are the first thing people see when they enter a kitchen and are at the top of anyone’s mind when they begin planning a kitchen renovation or upgrade. There is a wide range of countertops on the market, and below are some of the different types you will be able to find in the Western Cape.


Quartz is a man-made product comes in many different colours and thicknesses. It is often made to look like a natural product like marble and is available in honed or polished finishes. Although it does not stain easily, it is a common practice to maintain it.

Among the most popular brands are Caesarstone, Pro quartz, Vicostone, Eezi Quartz and Silestone.


Granite is a natural product that comes from volcanic rock and needs to be mined. It comes in many different colours and textures but the most commonly used granite colour is Rustenberg, which is actually cheaper than quartz.

It is also available in honed or polished finishes and is much more heat resistant than quartz. It does not stain but may be prone to chip slightly more easily than quartz.


This natural product also needs to be mined. It is susceptible to damage because it is much more porous than quartz or granite, but with proper care, it may last you many years.

It is not the most common countertop but you may find it in very high-end kitchens or bathrooms. Is considered a luxury product in the industry.


Porcelain is the best of the lot and can be used anywhere. It is very strong, heat resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, which makes it the most expensive choice.

It has highly varying properties and although thin, it can be built up to be any thickness.

Popular brands include Neolith & Dekton Surfaces

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