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3 Ways to Add Freshness to Your Kitchen

Whether you are planning a full kitchen upgrade, or whether you’re just freshening your kitchen up a little bit, there are some top tips to adopt. With some guidance, a task of this sort in the home is always less daunting and the end product so much more fulfilling.

As one of Cape Town’s most reliable home renovation company, we’ve rebuilt our fair share of kitchens. In that time we’ve learned a number of lessons we feel would help you. Below are three points of direction to help you turn your kitchen into an area that people want to spend time in.

Start with a focal point

Have a focal point in your kitchen. This should be the first thing guests see when they walk in, and it should stand out. It can be a piece of art, an ornament or even a large painted wall.

Once you’ve decided what to use, you should base the rest of your kitchen on this portion – let it be central to the theme of your kitchen and build all your other ideas around it.

Exploit the use of colour

Colours are so important and they set the tone for the kitchen in a big way. The colours that you choose for your kitchen play a part in the vibe it gives off and the mood that people feel after being there.

Use 3 colours and stick to them:

  1. A fundamental colour
  2. A backup colour
  3. and A third colour.

The fundamental colour is one that you can’t easily control or change – this is usually the colour of the cabinets and is, therefore, most commonly white.

The backup colour should be a cooler colour; it’s an addition to the fundamental colour and doesn’t clash with it.

The third colour is slightly more shocking – the idea is to have some pieces of furniture stand out.

Example: If your colours are white, light blue (backup) and maroon (third). The white and light blue account for the majority of the kitchen. The maroon pieces add a bit of pop to the kitchen and allow the homeowner to make some bold statements with a bit of variety.

Spare shelf

Kitchen space is limited, which means that shelves in the room are generally utilised for useful and functional items, like crockery and utensils.

One needs to make sure the surfaces stay clutter free. A useful way of dealing with extra items from around the house is to make sure there are some spare draws in the kitchen, so that clutter can be placed out of eyesight.

Try to keep a spare shelf just for some ornaments and a plant or two. This will interrupt the usual, bland patterns in your kitchen and will give your guests something different to look at – the plants will grow and the ornaments can be changed when you want to keep things fresh again.

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