The Process – What does getting a New Kitchen entail?

Ever thought about upgrading your kitchen, but then stopped yourself mid-thought because you weren’t quite sure where to start? Many of our clients say that when they decided to upgrade, they had to educate themselves on the process of a kitchen renovation.

This can often be misleading because the client gets second-hand information from differing sources. Upgrading your kitchen is a process but it doesn’t have to be draining, time-consuming and cause your family inconvenience.

A kitchen renovation procedure

The procedure can be carefully managed. This is why HDI follows a process that has maintained our reputation as sound planners, and the Western Cape’s premium kitchen installers. Below is a bit more about our process:

When a prospective client makes contact, we visit them to discuss their needs and they are offered an initial quote and a design. When they accept this plan, they visit the showrooms with HDI and we assist them in choosing the materials they would like to use and make recommendations based on their budget, what they want, and what we have laid out in the plan.

The client finalises the decisions on design, layout and material and the quote is adjusted if necessary.

We order the carcasses and doors and have them assembled at our warehouse where they will eventually be delivered to the site once the prep work is ready. Our experience in the business allows us to make the time and space spent in your kitchen minimal and non-intrusive.

Next is the wetwork – the plumbing, electrical hardware and plaster that will provide the framework for your new kitchen is installed. Your new kitchen now begins to take shape.

The final pieces of the plan have come together, everything is on site and ready to be implemented – now it’s time to begin installing the kitchen cupboards. The site has been stripped and we have planned the layout of the new plumbing and electrics beneath the surface.

We fit the manufactured kitchen carcasses on site and assemble all the necessary remaining parts, which get fitted and adjusted on site. This is where the doors, countertops, taps, and other accessories that will eventually form your kitchen are put together.

The kitchen renovation look and feel

The next phase is called ‘making good’. It’s a simple name we use, but HDI takes great pride in this step as it’s crucial to the layers of the process that follow it. The plaster and skimming work is perfected and ready for painting while ensuring that all inner workings implemented in the previous step are in good shape.

Now all visible parts are fitted. Sinks, basins, taps, joinery and the works. After these steps are completed the cupboard doors are adjusted and aligned perfectly. The kitchen has taken its shape and will begin to resemble the final product.

The final steps of the kitchen renovation

Onto the final steps – tiling or glass backsplashing between your countertop and wall unit are installed to complete the look of your kitchen.

These occur in the following order: painting, flooring, sealing, filling and touching up. Ultimately your kitchen will be revered and remembered by your guests for how well this part of the job is carried out.

This is the final stage and it’s how our clients will judge our work. This is why HDI always ensures that our customers are 100% happy – that gives us the most satisfaction, and we consider it the final step of the process.

All of the above is fully project managed from start to finish by us.

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Home Decor Interiors has over 20 years of experience and during that time we’ve renovated hundreds of homes. We pride ourselves on being a premium kitchen renovator in the Western Cape. Let us help you customise or upgrade your dream home.

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