Kitchen Renovation Saga: A Dramatic Dining Space

The days when kitchens were dark spaces to be kept hidden behind the doors are long gone. Today, a kitchen can be anything but a boring space to be kept a secret. From hosting parties to cosy family dinners, modern kitchens perform various roles, and to perfection.

One of the latest trends that are catching up these days is blending the dining area with the kitchen area. A kitchen can be renovated to double up as a dining space. All you have to do is keep some tips in mind. These will help you in creating the right amount of drama which will appeal to the imagination of your guests.

Open Up Your Kitchen

An open kitchen looks stunning and helps in enhancing the space. This can be a very useful trick if you have a small apartment kitchen or a small area that you have to use as both kitchen and dining space. Food is cooked in the kitchen and filling up the dining room with aroma while guests or family member enjoy some time together a satisfying experience.

Bring in the Dining Space

If you do not have a space that can be used for dining, you can design your kitchen to play a dual role. A kitchen counter can become a dining table for your guests and family members. Prepare fresh salad or serve your sizzling dishes straight out of the microwave, the countertop dinner table will change the way you dine.

Get the Lighting Right

If you are renovating your kitchen to enable it to play the role of a dining space as well, you need to pay special attention to the lights. Since you will have guests and friends coming into your kitchen, you need to choose lights that are decorative and attractive. You must also keep in mind that lights should also be suitable and convenient. The cooking area will need different lighting arrangements than the dining zone. Remember to choose stylish pieces while keeping the light arrangements in mind.

Cupboards and Cabinets

A clumsy kitchen is a complete turn off and when it doubles up as a dining space it can be quite embarrassing. Using the right set of cupboards and cabinets designed to go with your kitchen is crucial for better organisation. Cabinets that are functional and easy to operate help in enhancing the efficiency of the kitchen. Choosing the right set cabinets is an art that is essential for getting an exceptional kitchen. You can also achieve a clean and modern look by integrating your kitchen appliances with cabinets.


If you are inviting your guests to your kitchen, you must ensure they are all praises about it. To ensure that your kitchen impresses your guests, you must pay attention to the décor of your kitchen.

Backsplash tiles are one of the simple ways to add elegance to your kitchen. With the right set of tiles, you can create the right impression and add an edge to your kitchen.

Renovating a kitchen that doubles up as a dramatic kitchen is easier to design if you have a theme in mind. This will help you to choose your cabinets, get the colour combinations right, better light arrangements and decide about the décor.

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