HDI featured on Top Billing for Renovating Chad Le Clos’ New Home

HDI is proud to announce that we recently renovated the home of Olympian Chad Le Clos. The team was really excited about the project, and all they wanted was to put a smile on the face of the South African swimming sensation, but they got more than they bargained for – the home was to be featured on SABC 3’s Top Billing.

The episode featuring Chad’s new pad was presented by Jeannie D and was aired on 1st June 2017. Jeffrey, who leads the HDI team and Patrice, who heads up the Interior Design were both featured on the show, where they had the chance to share their vision for the assignment and discuss what it was like to work for Chad.

It’s an honour and a special responsibility to work with someone like Chad and while our team was able to express their creativity, we were also constantly aware of the importance of the task and the pressure to deliver on time. Our team executed the whole project including stripping, building, tiling, and plumbing with all the joinery, electrical wiring, and décor.

Chad’s apartment had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the entire apartment spreading to 130m2 in area.

How we renovated Chad Le Clos apartment

Our team decided to split into micro teams, each responsible for one particular job. This helped us execute the entire work in a fast and organised manner. With this sort of planning, we were able to complete the project in around 8 to 10 weeks.

Chad was in Europe while we were completing the renovation and we wanted his pad to be ready when he came home.

We decided to use Flor store marble tiles for the bathroom floor. These gave a spacious and sleek look to the bathroom along with providing a fresh feel.

The frameless glass shower in the bathroom is a stunner and really completes the look. For the bedrooms, and all through the apartment, we decided to use honey oak wood laminate for the flooring. The honey oak wood floors are classy and look stunning, but are also durable and sturdy.

Our search for doors that could stand out took us to Superior Doors – and we decided to go with high gloss for Chad’s apartment.

We got some stunning handles from Raiel for the cherry on top. In the kitchen, Patrice wanted to put in some elegant countertops Caesarstone was used to make them, and the result is breathtakingly beautiful.

Rich Scandinavia and Dusted Moss 3 from Dulux were used on the walls. For Chad’s bedroom, Steel Symphony from Dulux was used on the feature wall to bring out the beauty of the paint technique.

Patrice stuck to Scandinavian/Nordic style for the décor.

  • All the vanity and accessories were from Tiletoria.
  • The furniture used in the apartment is from Esque, Weylandts, Superbalist, Country Road and @Home.
  • Pendants have been used in the kitchen and bedroom. The pendants used in the kitchen are from Tom Dixon and the pendants in the bedroom are from Hoy P’loy.
  • The LED rope lights concealed in the bulkhead design of the lounge is stellar.

We had a great time doing up Chad’s home, and his reaction when he saw the completed apartment was priceless. – said, Patrice 

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