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Desk with 4 framed drawings above it

Bedroom Makeover Ideas For Kids

Revamping kids bedrooms are a tricky task. You need to encompass versatility, use the space you have creatively and allow them the chance to express themselves at the same time.

Try to remember that you want a makeover that not only fits in with the rest of the house but reflects your kid’s identity, which is constantly developing.

Keep it simple, stupid.

You want simple furniture that is timeless and isn’t going to need to change over the years. A racing car bed is great for a seven-year-old, but not when they’re 13. Favour daybeds which double-up as seating in smaller rooms. This will add versatility and create more space for playtime.

When looking at colour, opt for varnished wood. This creates a ‘quick to clean’ safety net for all future spills and the wear and tear of a well played-out childhood in general. Natural wooden colours also make for a suitable colour-scheme for kids of all ages.

Design spaces by age.

While furniture styles are important, how you arrange the furniture is equally as critical. Spaces to store clothes, move, play and entertain must be designed with your child in mind. Toddlers need more floor space to play in, whilst teens prefer more seating for when their friends are visiting.

Allow your kid’s bedroom space to grow with them. Moreover, height also plays an important role when designing any new room.

Don’t neglect the fact that if you have small kids, their rooms must be refurbished with everything at their height.

Colour schemes.

I know we mentioned the timeless beauty of wood, but if you do want to be a little more vibrant, let’s talk colour. Colour is one of the easiest ways to refurbish your kid’s room over the years.

They can have their say in it and choose the colours they want at certain ages. Not a fan of bright colours? Create a wall of art for both you and the kids to express yourselves using chalk paint.

Quick design tip:

If your walls have trims, such as curtain rails and skirting boards, paint them white throughout the house. Then when room colours change, the flow will be less disruptive. In fact, you could probably settle on a colour that compliments the rest of the house if you plan it well.

More of the growing, less of the pains.

Kids go through many changes and therefore, your kid’s bedroom renovations are likely to be plentiful too. Getting the basics right and creating a bedroom that’s dynamic means that your children will have the freedom to grow in whichever direction they choose. And, while they do, you will still be able to maintain some design order in your house as a whole. Furthermore, you can make things fun by turning new projects into extra bonding time.

Quick design tip:

Instead of creating boulders in your walls with Prestick, rather frame something that expresses what they’re interested in and hang it up. Instead of tacky, half-torn posters ruining the paint-job, kids can express themselves with something that not only looks better, but can also be replaced when the time is right without ruining the walls.

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grey and white ceramic bathroom tiles

Bathroom Remodeling Guide: Where to Use Ceramic

Ceramic has been used to build and decorate homes for thousands of years. Archaeologists continue to discover ancient pieces of ceramic buried deep in the Earth. It’s a durable material that is also gorgeous to look at. Ceramic tiles can be used for flooring, backsplashes, or even to decorate your shower.

If you are in the process of remodelling your bathroom, you’ll want to consider using these unique and beautiful materials.

We’re going to talk about where you can use ceramic tile in your bathroom and the benefits of selecting this material for your renovations.


You’d probably think that ceramic tiles can be pretty delicate. But ceramic can be very strong and durable. Suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors use the Porcelain Enamel Institute abrasion test to rank ceramic tiles based on their hardness and durability.

The scale ranks from zero to five. Tiles carrying strength of one and two are often strong enough to handle use in a bathroom, especially for flooring.

However, if you have young kids or a large family, you might want to consider purchasing a stronger tile. Ceramic tiles are also water-resistant. It’s a perfect option to use in the bathroom.

Some tiles are heavier than others. You’ll need to reconsider your tile selection based on your project. If you are using ceramic tile for a backsplash or countertops, you’ll want to choose a lighter tile. Projects that include flooring can use a heavier tile.


Ceramic tiles offer another perk to those with busy families. It is extremely easy to keep your ceramic floors, showers, countertops, and backsplashes clean.

All you need is some warm water, soap, and a mop. Simply sweep or dust the tile every day while mopping or wiping down the counters once every few days.

Most heavy-duty cleaners and soaps will not damage the ceramic tile. You can also get a special grout to make cleanup even easier.

Ceramic is a non-porous material that does not stain easily. It’s also a great, hypoallergenic option for those with allergies. The hard tile does not trap irritants like dander, hair, or bacteria. You can also glaze your ceramic tile floors, countertops, or backsplash once you’ve finished the installation.

This will add another layer of protection from dirt, stains, and scratches. If you do manage to crack one of the tiles, it is easy to replace the one damaged tile while preserving the rest of the floor or countertop.

Staying Warm

Ceramic can stay cooler for longer periods of time. While this might be ideal during the summer, ceramic floors and countertops can create a chilly environment in the winter.

You can fight the cold by purchasing rugs and mats for your bathroom floors.

For those with a larger budget, an underfloor heating system can be installed between the floorboards and the ceramic tile. This will add an additional layer of heat in your bathroom and save your feet in the colder months.

Colours and Design

Ceramic tile comes in thousands of colours and designs. Traditional colours include shades of white, grey, and blue.

You can also find different patterns like floral, paisley, or stripes. You can get creative and use different styles of ceramic tile to provide a unique look. However, you’ll want to limit yourself to three different tile designs for your bathroom.

Coloured ceramic tiles paired with all white walls can provide a striking look in your bathroom. This design can make smaller bathrooms look larger. You can also purchase tile in different shapes, like hexagons or rectangles.

If you are concerned about recycling, you can purchase ceramic tile that has been leftover from previous projects. You can usually get this type of tile at a discounted rate as well.


Ceramic tile can be more expensive compared to linoleum and carpet. However, the sturdy material is more durable and will last longer over time.

Choosing ceramic tile will also help you out in case of a water leak. Water can seriously damage linoleum and carpet while ceramic is water-resistant.

Ceramic tiles are also cheaper than natural stone tiles like marble, granite, and quartz.


It is possible for an amateur to install their own ceramic tile. However, it is a tedious process and if you can afford to hire a contractor, it’s best to hire a professional.

There can be a lot of factors that impact your final bill. This includes the type of tile you purchase, how much is needed, and the difficulty of the project itself.

If you do decide to go down the do-it-yourself route, you’ll need to follow the step-by-step process. This includes taking the proper measurements, cutting out the supplies, and purchasing materials.

You’ll need underlayment, grout, mortar, and the tiles itself. You will also need a tile saw and several other tools.

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Complete bathroom restoration with white built in cabinets and gold finishes

Bathroom Renovation vs. Bathroom Refurbishment

When delving into the realm of interior makeovers, face-lifts and general home improvements, one can easily find themselves tangled in terminology. So, to renovate or to refurbish? What’s the difference? Here’s a quick breakdown of both routes, with a couple, added bonus bathroom design tips!

A ‘Mish’ to refurbish?

At first glance, this word might sound like the doorway to a never-ending, tedious travel towards your new bathroom. However, the process is rather the opposite and much closer resembles the ease of the word rolling off your tongue. In fact, a refurbish has a lot more to do with the restoration of what you already have.

Rather than hack-away at your entire space, refurbishing acts as a general face-lift for your home instead. Sound more up your alley? Well, if you’re looking at refurbishing your bathroom, you’re most likely looking at things like redecorating and “adding” rather than resurrecting completely.


When redecorating your bathroom, one might opt for new light fixtures, a new paint job, some fancy new copper basin taps or even adding some modern cabinet doors to replace the existing ones.

Quick design tip: Refurbishing will naturally clean-up your space, but be sure to keep to a clean bathroom design too if you’re looking for a real “wow” transformation.


This term isn’t nearly as retro-old school as it might sound. In fact, retrofitting falls under refurbishing and is often necessary to bring your bathroom into the modern age. This includes adding improvements mostly based around installations. Think heating, adding improved piping fixtures and anything which essentially makes what you already have, work better.

Quick design tip: Keep your light fixtures close to your bathroom mirror, and opt for timeless pieces which will blend with the rest of your home.

Next up, renovation station!

Rather than restoration, this term deals more closely with a complete bathroom re-work and resurrection. And yes, it can be just as daunting as it sounds. Don’t worry though, with the help of a team of trusted renovation experts, the efforts of heading this route can be most rewarding.

Okay, so plainly put, to renovate is the opposite of a face-lift. Instead, it is to commit complete surgery on your bathroom space.

When looking to renovate your bathroom, one might look at stripping everything clear and starting anew on a blank canvas. This leaves multiple options for an entirely new bathtub, flooring, walls, storage-space, shower, or even storage-space IN the shower! The possibilities are endless.

Quick design tip: When you are installing a new bathroom, pay close attention to the heights of things. Make sure they are both beautiful AND practical. Also, be aware of future water-damage when choosing materials to work with.

If done well, then no matter which route you go, both are bound to give you the boost your bathroom deserves. Happy designing!

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A white Island Kitchen With matching Cabinets

Benefits of a Kitchen Island: What Are They?

It’s pretty safe to say that having an island in the kitchen, not only looks visually pleasing, but its benefits also reach far beyond just the visual aspects. And no, we aren’t talking about a tropical vacation in the middle of your home. We are, however, most definitely talking about adding a splash of kitchenware paradise and festivities to bask around.

When looking at any kitchen, it’s always clear that the kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. The kitchen is the one area which accompanies you on sleepless nights, the room which hosts the sound of guilty pitter-patter of footsteps, backwards and forwards, as you seek solace at the back of an empty fridge. It’s the place where the smell of mom’s home-made pie and steamed veggies lures you to on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s the powerhouse, within a house. So, will you really benefit from a kitchen island addition?

The Social Totem

An island serves as an anchor-point to any kitchen. Not only does it draw your attention to the middle of a room, creating a sense of space and elegance, but it also creates a mini gathering point. A space where everyone can huddle and socialise around after a long day. Feeling far from guests? Add some wheels and roll on over.

Goodbye Musical Chairs

Another nifty benefit of the addition of a kitchen island is actually the additional seating around it. Not only does an island kitchen provide the gateway for charming conversation, but it can double-up as a seating solution as well.

No bar? No problem. Pull up some barstools for the wine and dine, and some cute floral arrangements for tea-time.

Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen?

Too many people in the kitchen cramping your culinary creativity? Hit the road, Jack. If seclusion is your fancy, an island in the kitchen is a great way to create and section-off an entirely separate workspace.

Storage Shortage

Another overlooked benefit of kitchen islands is their value-added storage space. Add draws to your island and not only will you have what you need at your fingertips, but you won’t bite off your own searching for places to put all your things.

These are just some of the many benefits of a kitchen island. You can also use them as room separators, to hold extra appliances and far more. So, what are you waiting for? Get the island rolling!

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man sitting on couch stressed about home renovation

How to Minimise Home Renovation Stress: A 21st Century Guide

With all the stress that comes along with living in the 21st century, why make your home renovation the root cause of it? The home is and should remain to be, a place of rest. A place where one can find solace at the end of a hard day – a space protected by invisible grains of salt, resting along doorways meant for good vibes only.

Okay, okay, so you can’t always completely banish all of the stress, but you sure can minimise it. Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. So, here are some tips to help you and your home renovation plans live to see another day!

  1. Get away from the stress and getaway to a mini vacation

When dealing with any major home renovation, there may come a time where your contractor may advise against being on the premises. This could be because of anything from harmful dust, a water shortage worse than stage 5, complete power-cuts, (don’t worry Eskom, we won’t blame you on this one), or otherwise.

We know not everyone can afford a 5 star trip to Paris, but why not use the opportunity to take some time off? This could even mean a mini vacation to a cute home-stay just down the road. Either way, we assure you the price you’ll pay will be far cheaper than what stress can cost you and your family, both individually and as a unit.

Oh, and by the way…

Some contractors charge more if you wish to remain on the premises. This is because it takes longer to work around your family and generally, creates more inconvenience for everyone. So really, only positives can come from it – it’s a win-win for everyone! Yes, even you, grumpy Gary. Of course, with smaller renovations, this might not be the case.

  1. Take bite-sizes of that bread, buttered on both sides

When dealing with any home renovation project, it’s safe to say that the process can become pretty darn stressful. From perfectly tuned colour-pallets to razor-sharp specific measurements, it all adds to the pressure and anxiety. Together with your contractor, create a time-frame which allows room for “baby steps” and clear direction.

Of course, these steps are nothing but baby. However, if you create clear expectations from the get-go, you’ll be more likely to manage them. It also means you’ll know how many hours a day to put into your renovation, and how many into keeping yourself sane.

  1. Run, Forrest, run!

Speaking of remaining sane, remember all of those things which have kept you from the brink of doom, your entire life? Well, why stop them now? Exercise and sticking to a routine will help you to remain on track of an organised and relaxed head-space.

Whether heading to the gym, or to Paris, trust that your contractor is going to do all the heavy-lifting work for you. You might even find that you come out the other side even more inspired, energetic, and twice as enthusiastic about the entire process than you ever could have hoped for.

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kitchen installer cape town

Tips For Spatial Distribution During Renovations

Every room is different, and this needs to be considered when thinking about home renovations. Whether you’re moving, remodelling or building a new room from scratch, the shape of the room affects what you can do with it.

Whether square, L-shaped or U-shaped, your room should be suited to your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Below are some pointers to get you through:

  • Make a rough sketch of the room and include all the fixed features such as doors, windows, gas, electrical and plumbing points.
  • Take precise measurements of the room. Don’t plan on filling the room to exact millimetre, leave some room for flexibility – filler boards can be used for gaps up to 150mm.
  • Walls are never 100% straight. Take measurements at three different heights – the floor, cabinet level and top level (head height). Use the smallest measurement to work with, as this will ensure that everything fits.
  • Consider the thickness of tiles when taking measurements, as this could affect the overall measurement if they are removed.

For kitchens

A kitchen remodelling comes with its own set of considerations namely:

  • Start from the corner and plan outwards.
  • Notice the direction that doors open and how far they swing outwards, as this may affect the usability of some appliances.
  • Place your fridge and grocery cupboards at the entrance of the kitchen.
  • Give yourself a shelf nearby, as this will allow room to place items from the shelf directly into the fridge, freezer and cupboards.
  • Preparation and cleaning areas should be placed close to the sink. This will make life easier when preparing food and washing dishes.
  • Cooking areas are best located around the range, stovetop and wall ovens.
  • Store pots and pans near to the oven and stove.
  • Appliances such as toasters, blenders, kettles and coffeemakers should also be around the cooking area.

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Kitchen with black counter tops and built in cupboards

Tips to Plan an Effortless Home Renovation Project

With the festive season just around the corner, homeowners are busy planning home improvements. It is often seen that a home renovation project starts with a dream but ends up in a mess.

Not every renovation project is a bad idea or a wrong concept. Rather it is the bad planning that destroys a good home improvement project. Since home remodelling needs a lot of investment and requires you to make changes in your home, it is always a good idea to start with a good plan.

Here are some tips that will help you to plan a smooth and efficient home renovation.

1. Make a List

When you are planning home improvements, you will come up with many ideas that you want to implement. There might be many areas that you are considering to renovate. Over renovation is a common mistake that homeowners make thinking that making improvements will increase the value of their homes. But that is not the case, a bigger renovation that requires a change in the original design of the house can damage its structure.

To avoid the damage and wastage caused by over renovation, you must make a list of improvements that you want to make. This will also provide a roadmap of renovation so that the whole process runs smoothly. Your home renovation contractor will also find the list helpful while planning the renovation.

2. Set a Budget

A budget helps in setting a limit and helps in reducing over expenditure on a particular area. By setting a budget for home renovation, you can plan from where you can shop for furniture and accessories. Budget is also helpful when you are making decisions about the arrangement of finance.

3. Selecting the Time Frame

It is very important to decide when you want to start and when you want to end. This allows your home improvement partners to strategise accordingly. Once the time frame is set, you need to start selecting a home renovation company to help you remodel your home.

4. Choose the Right Renovation Company

This decision can make or break your home improvement project. A reliable home renovation contractor not only understands your needs but helps to add life to your ideas. It is crucial that you allocate a reasonable amount of time for selecting a home renovation company as a good one will make the process smooth and stress-free.

To select the right renovation company, it is important that you browse through useful websites and get references. After you have shortlisted 4 to 5 companies, visit their website and check out more about them. While selecting a home improvement company it is important that you check out their past projects. A good company has all the past projects posted on its website and social media with the pictures. You can also check the reviews about the company.

Renovate your home the right way

These are some tips that will help you to transform your nest into the home of your dreams without having to go through any hassle. A renovation company can make your job way more easy and quick but you need to take time to choose the right one.

Once your renovation is complete you may want to share it with the world. If you’re planning on posting images of your revamped home on social media then take advantage of some of these popular construction and design hashtags.

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White kitchen counter with white and brown built in cupboards

Affordable Home Improvement Ideas: With Better Storage Solutions

Home improvement actually refers to the process of renovating your home by making new additions, upgrading your home’s interior and exterior and doing other necessary improvements to the property.

There are many companies that provide exquisite ideas for home improvements in many cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth etc.

Some of the useful yet reasonable ideas for home improvements are discussed below:

1. Home decor is an investment in your home

A home improvement does not merely mean home decoration but it also refers to increasing the value of your home. Although home improvement cannot be called an investment still you can expect a decent return in terms of comfort and ease.

2. Book a consultation if you’re unsure about big changes

Although you can do little changes in your home by yourself, it is advisable that you must consult with the home décor service provider for the perfect changes that you have always longed for.

3. Make sure your storage space takes priority

Whether your kitchen is spacious or not kitchen renovation with ample storage space is the option you exactly need. You must renovate your kitchen by keeping in mind your basic requirements. You can opt for designer or plain shelves with embellished brackets to add that sleek look for your kitchen. You can save the space of your kitchen by using the corner space by installing shelves to keep dishes, spices and cookware within your reach.

4. Consider the paint and colour of your walls

Wall painting plays an important role when it comes to the process of renovating your home and doing improvements. With a simple addition of wonderful colours, you can give your cabinets and rooms a brand new professional look.

The best recommendation while choosing a wall colour is to consider the facing of the windows and then planning the combination of colours based on the areas that receive sunlight and the areas which do not receive sunlight.

5. Pay special consideration to the entrance of your home

The entrance to your home is the first thing that everyone notices. To provide your entrance a sophisticated look you can frame your front door with millwork and paint it accordingly, to coordinate it with your home exterior.

6.Select the correct interior theme

You must choose the right interior theme for your house. You can choose the same theme for your entire house or you could choose different themes for the different segments of your house.

7. Be selective on your home decorations

You must choose products that enhance your home decoration like curtains, flower vase, lamp shades, lights etc.

8. Pay attention to your living space

You must pay attention to the living area of your room as it is the central portion of your house. You can go for a new coat of paint or you can buy a new piece of furniture to provide your living space that lustrous look.

In conclusion, it can be said that the exquisite looks of your home will depend on your smart choices of choosing the best interior decoration for your home. You should decide a theme for your home that will suit your personality and style.

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Chad Le Clos Lounge and Kitchen On Top Billing

HDI featured on Top Billing for Renovating Chad Le Clos’ New Home

HDI is proud to announce that we recently renovated the home of Olympian Chad Le Clos. The team was really excited about the project, and all they wanted was to put a smile on the face of the South African swimming sensation, but they got more than they bargained for – the home was to be featured on SABC 3’s Top Billing.

The episode featuring Chad’s new pad was presented by Jeannie D and was aired on 1st June 2017. Jeffrey, who leads the HDI team and Patrice, who heads up the Interior Design were both featured on the show, where they had the chance to share their vision for the assignment and discuss what it was like to work for Chad.

It’s an honour and a special responsibility to work with someone like Chad and while our team was able to express their creativity, we were also constantly aware of the importance of the task and the pressure to deliver on time. Our team executed the whole project including stripping, building, tiling, and plumbing with all the joinery, electrical wiring, and décor.

Chad’s apartment had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the entire apartment spreading to 130m2 in area.

How we renovated Chad Le Clos apartment

Our team decided to split into micro teams, each responsible for one particular job. This helped us execute the entire work in a fast and organised manner. With this sort of planning, we were able to complete the project in around 8 to 10 weeks.

Chad was in Europe while we were completing the renovation and we wanted his pad to be ready when he came home.

We decided to use Flor store marble tiles for the bathroom floor. These gave a spacious and sleek look to the bathroom along with providing a fresh feel.

The frameless glass shower in the bathroom is a stunner and really completes the look. For the bedrooms, and all through the apartment, we decided to use honey oak wood laminate for the flooring. The honey oak wood floors are classy and look stunning, but are also durable and sturdy.

Our search for doors that could stand out took us to Superior Doors – and we decided to go with high gloss for Chad’s apartment.

We got some stunning handles from Raiel for the cherry on top. In the kitchen, Patrice wanted to put in some elegant countertops Caesarstone was used to make them, and the result is breathtakingly beautiful.

Rich Scandinavia and Dusted Moss 3 from Dulux were used on the walls. For Chad’s bedroom, Steel Symphony from Dulux was used on the feature wall to bring out the beauty of the paint technique.

Patrice stuck to Scandinavian/Nordic style for the décor.

  • All the vanity and accessories were from Tiletoria.
  • The furniture used in the apartment is from Esque, Weylandts, Superbalist, Country Road and @Home.
  • Pendants have been used in the kitchen and bedroom. The pendants used in the kitchen are from Tom Dixon and the pendants in the bedroom are from Hoy P’loy.
  • The LED rope lights concealed in the bulkhead design of the lounge is stellar.

We had a great time doing up Chad’s home, and his reaction when he saw the completed apartment was priceless. – said, Patrice 

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Dining and lounge area view from the kitchen

What to look for when choosing an Interior Designer

When on the search for an Interior Designer, there are many facets to the job that you need to assess before choosing the perfect interior designer to capture your views and deliver on your vision. Redesigning a room is a long-term investment, so it is important to put a lot of thought into the look and feel.

It’s also your responsibility to be involved in the decisions, but this is no easy task and has proven to be quite daunting and schedule intensive. With that being said, you need to trust your chosen designer and respect the Design Process.

Take the guidance and advice, after all, they are the professional in this situation. We’re going to discuss a few tips we have picked up along the way to help you in choosing your best suited Interior Designer.

Unique and Personal style:

As this is an investment into your Home or Office life, it is very important that you go with something that reflects you. Before choosing your Designer, it’s important to capture the things you like, perhaps in the form of a mood board, or Pinterest board.

It’s great to have guidelines, visuals really help the designer see what you like, and guides their vision to align with yours. This is your decision as much as theirs. Always compare notes on the project, you need to agree on all aspects of the job.

Budgeting and Scheduling:

Time is Money, we’re sure you are familiar with this saying. This statement has never been more true, especially when it comes to renovating. It is of key importance to outline expenditure on a renovation project. As the slightest mistakes can turn out to be a costly one.

Renovations are just as much of a time investment as they are monetary. You need to make yourself available to your designer, also discuss timelines and spend. It’s important to choose a designer who is experienced and can deliver a timely and outstanding end product, as you have envisioned.

Credibility and References:

We all like to have someone recommended to us, Word of Mouth is the best form of marketing. So hearing from friends and family is the trusted way to finding the best Interior Designer. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to find your Interior Designer that way, how do you know if they are in fact credible?

We suggest hiring from an existing business, someone who has contactable references and a proven portfolio. Don’t be scared to make those few calls. It’s also important to find someone that you can work well with and understands your needs.

Find someone who can see your vision

In closing, when choosing your ideal Interior Designer, be sure to choose someone you get along with, who has a similar vision, and listens to your ideas, but can guide you to the best outcome of your project.

Always get a finite timeline, and stay within your budget. Be sure to protect yourself in form of a contract.

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